I’m chubby and like to show off my curves in thongs – trolls tell me to stop but it just makes me do it more | The Sun

ONE beautiful Wednesday morning, a young woman titillated her followers by posting a racy selfie on her TikTok page.

Even when trolls criticized her sultry snaps, the confident cutie was unfazed – and proved revenge is best served steaming hot.

Emily Head, 26, is a plus-size content creator who knows her body is gorgeous.

She decided to welcome her followers to the middle of the work week by taking part in a viral TikTok trend.

Standing in front of a countertop, Head looked totally innocuous in a pair of practical pants and a loose-fitting T-shirt.

With her hair pulled back, Head smiled into the camera, then struck a pose against the countertop. That's when everything changed.

Suddenly, there was an "infrared camera" filter over the footage, rendering the screen in shades of red, green, blue, and fuchsia.

The bright colors obscured the details of the image, but one thing was immediately clear: Head had stripped out of her plain ensemble.

Instead of a casual top and pants, she stood in a revealing thong. Head even reached back to cup one of her cheeks and give her rear a jiggle.

Positive comments poured in: people called Head "stunning," "gorgeous," and "absolutely perfect."

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One man didn't think the brief clip was enough. "I could watch all day," he said.

But a narrow-minded troll wasn't impressed by Head's body or her attitude.

"Nah, don't do that again," the anonymous critic demanded.

But Head was unbothered. In fact, she responded the very next day – with another video.

"Trolls think they are hurting you, but instead helping you gain," she wrote in the caption.

Head struck the exact same pose, in the exact same outfit, but when the infrared filter kicked on, she was in a different, sexy thong.

At the end of the video, she added something new, too: a playful wink with her tongue out.

She addressed her troll directly in the video description.

"I appreciate you taking the time to comment on my video," she wrote, tagging them.

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"Hell with what they said, keep doing it," encouraged one viewer.

"Don't listen to the haters," another man wrote. "You're perfect the way you are."

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