I’m a young female doctor – everyone underestimates me, patients always make the same comments | The Sun

A FEMALE doctor is fed up with the snarky remarks from her patients' parents – and she has taken to social media to reveal the worst.

Pediatrician Niky exposed the common undermining phrases she hears on her YouTube channel.

Despite Niky's obvious qualifications and licensing, some parents still like to make comments that put her abilities into question.

The young doctor posted a video referencing what she's often told.

But she doesn't plan on taking the comments to heart anymore.

"Turning things families have said to me when they find out I'm their kid's doctor into inspirational quotes," Niky says.

She's holding a cup of coffee and wearing her usual light blue scrubs.

Niky sighs and glances away before posting remarks that truly underestimate her.

"No way you're old enough to be a doctor," some parents argue.

While Niky may be young, she wouldn't have her job if she wasn't eligible.

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Other parents ask: "When's the real doctor coming in?"

"I thought you were one of the patients here," they continue.

Parents assume her title by saying: "Excuse me, nurse…"

"None of these bother me," Niky admits.

"Well except for maybe the second one."

Viewers related to her situation and left over 1,000 comments.

"I sort of feel this. Worked my ass off for years to become an RN, to be constantly asked if I'm maintenance/housekeeping staff," one woman shared.

One viewer argued: "It's kind of hard to differentiate between a nurse and a doctor when they are both wearing scrubs."

A thoughtful woman wrote: "I would be grateful just to have a doctor that cares."

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