I'm a PLT fan and opened its entire advent calendar to see if it’s worth the £45 – it's absolutely not, I’m livid | The Sun

ON the run-up to Christmas, we all enjoy the daily thrill of opening our advent calendar and discovering what treat lies inside. 

But one PLT fan wasn’t impressed by her first few gifts, and so decided to open her entire advent calendar to see if it was really worth the money. 

Nevaeh, known online as @nevaehapj, regularly shares chatty videos with her 4,100 followers. 

In a recent TikTok video, the content creator shares her first impressions of the PRETTYLITTLETHING Beauty Advent Calendar, which is currently on sale for £38. 

It previously retailed at £45 and claims to be worth £141 – although Nevaeh wasn’t convinced. 

“So basically I have a PLT calendar and I decided that I wanted to open it all because all the stuff in there that I’m getting recently is shocking. It’s awful. 


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“Let me show you. So far, I’ve gotten these clips that look like they’re from Shein. I could get better clips from Shein. 

“They look awful. Who is actually wearing them? 

“I got a brush. God knows what for. 

“And then this PrettyLittleThing eyeshadow palette. The eyeshadow in there is shocking. It’s all crumbly. I’m not going to use it anyway.

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“Then I got wax melts. Since when do PLT do wax melts? But to be fair, it does smell really good. Just smells like sugar, to be honest, but I don’t even have a wax melt thing. 

“And then this loose pigment. It’s so bad. And then this hair repair strengthening thing. 

“I’m actually starting to get really angry. These are like £50 for no reason. 

“This lip pencil, which is actually my favourite thing that I’ve got so far. 

“So bath salts. Some eyelashes, and some highlighter. 

“But I’m going to open all of the rest of them. I’ve still got loads to open but I’m going to open them because I can and I do what I want. 

“Okay, so we’re opening number 13. And I hope it’s better than all the rest of them because I’m not being funny, these have all been shocking. 

“What is this? It’s mascara. Okay, let’s have a look at it. I bet it’s shocking because it’s made by PLT as well. 

“See, all this isn’t even worth £20 and I’ve paid like £60 for this?” 

During the two-minute and 56-second video, Nevaeh is seen opening various boxes included in the 24-piece advent calendar. 

Although things seem to be getting better when she opens the gifts inside 12 and 14. 

“Okay, okay. I’m actually liking this. This is my type of stuff. Now that is my new favourite thing that I got out of there. 

“I’m opening 14. Number 14 is quite heavy. What is this? Coconut oil. Okay, that’s alright. 

“This is getting better actually. This is getting really good. 

“Number 15. Fresh Face Cheek and Lip Tint. Right then, I’m guessing it’s like a blush. 

“Okay, I’m going to open number 16. Okay, this is good, this is a lipgloss. I’m going to try it.

“Okay, that’s actually good.” 

Fans loved the honest review, with the video gaining more than 84,000 likes and 690,000 views. 

Although in the comments, Nevaeh’s followers thought she was expecting too much, with one writing: “What did you expect diamonds?”

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Another said: “Why are people so ungrateful you're lucky you even have an advent calendar.”

A third added: “Were you expecting clothes to come out them tiny little door or summat.”

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