I’m a mistress who’s slept with a 1,000 married men – Christmas is my busiest time, your bloke's NOT where he says | The Sun

WITH Christmas just two days away many of us will be looking forward to spending quality time with our partners.

However, according to serial mistress Gweneth Lee they might be looking forward to spending time with someone other than you.

Gweneth, 50, who's from California but lives in London, has been exclusively dating married men since 2008, when she joined Illicit Encounters dating site.

Since then, she's dated over 1000 men including millionaire businessmen, and says that things certainly don’t slow down over the festive period.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous, Gweneth says: “Christmas may be time for families but my lovers certainly find time to see me over the festive period.

“I can look forward to flirty lunches in private clubs, joining them on shooting retreats or meeting them in out of town conferences.

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“These are all great for this time of year as these plans are unlikely to raise suspicion.”

Even the most shrewd wife is unlikely to notice their husband’s escapades over the holidays according to Gweneth who says the blokes find discreet ways to keep in touch..

“They frequently mention needing to get into the office for some peace and quiet to work on a project,” she says, “When really they’ll be seeing me.

“They’ll also slip in flirty phone calls to me while walking the dog or during a golfing trip.

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“The wives rarely cotton-on, they are too busy with the home, kids and holiday entertaining.”

And when she is reunited with her lovers, Gweneth is lavished with gifts that their wives could only dream of.

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“Gifts are something I never ask for but I am given them,” she says.

“Expensive lingerie, stockings, Jo Malone candles, designer perfume, spa days, bottles of single malt scotch have all been found under my tree.

“One lover took me to an auction where there was a piece of artwork I wanted and his winner mentality bought it slightly over market value and it’s now in my office behind my desk.”

While Gweneth may have plenty of lovers now, she was once a devout monogamist, only beginning to have affairs after the death of her husband in 2008.

But the serial entrepreneur who runs four different businesses has absolutely no interest in starting a new monogamous relationship.

She previously told Fabulous: “I think my family would have loved to have seen me get remarried but they have also seen me have disastrous relationships with single men.

“In the last five years I agreed that once a year for one month I would try dating apps.

“But I don’t like feeling like I’m someone on a Chinese menu but a lot of single men have no issue with that.”

Gweneth meets all her unfaithful lovers on IllicitEncounters.com, a website for married people to find affairs.

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The mistress says she has had liaisons lasting just a few dates to a few years, and sometimes has multiple men on the go, but she can go exclusive.

Among her string of lovers, Gweneth has bedded a successful jeweller, a stockbroker, and a technology firm boss.

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