I'm a massage therapist and this is the subtle sign we use to say you're dirty and need to shower

A MASSAGE therapist is reminding people why it is not OK to turn up for your appointment straight after strenuous exercise, without showering.

Venting their frustration over clients who don't properly wash before they come in for their massage, one woman revealed the subtle signs therapists use to tell people when they are "dirty" and "need to shower".

Posting via TikTok, the massage therapist shared a video after an unpleasant encounter with a client who hadn't bothered taking the time to get clean before showing up for their appointment.

In the clip, that has been watched nearly 264k times online, she is seen venting her frustration while urging fellow adults to take notes.

"How not to be a massage client 101. Alright at this point in my massage career, I am both unfazed and shocked to have to remind grown adults of this, but please come to your massage clean," she pleads.

"I'm not talking about like a sweaty sneaker situation, I can actually put up with some pretty stinky feet, but I'm really not in the mood to massage your damp sweaty body that literally was just in the gym 15 minutes ago."

The woman continues: "It's perfectly acceptable to get a massage after working out, but like take a shower and don't ride your mountain bike for a couple of hours and then ride it to the massage.

"It's a general rule of thumb that if you can't imagine yourself enjoying rubbing someone's sweaty body for an hour, especially a stranger, I'm probably not going to either. Thanks, that's all."

In a follow-up video, she then clarified the point she was trying to make and revealed that massage therapists use tell-tale signs to show if they think you haven't showered properly before hitting the table.

If you see them covering your feet in hand sanitiser before working on them or carrying out the entire massage while you're covered in a sheet, then that probably means they didn't think you were clean enough not to do so.


"The point I was trying to make was don't come to your massage dirty, after you've done multiple strenuous activities to the point of having physical dirt on you that I can also smell, that's not cool," the massage therapist explains.

"Also, I'm aware that you can't enjoy every moment of your job and you can't enjoy every single person that walks into your life, that being said, because I love what I do and because I am nice, I can be a big girl and be a bigger person and still work on you.

"But, if you're wondering why I'm lathering your feet in hand sanitiser or only working over the sheet, that's why."

Subtle, yet noted.

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