I’m a gardening expert and here's why you SHOULDN’T buy cheap tools – they’re only good for posing for selfies | The Sun

A GARDENING expert has revealed what happens when you buy cheap tools.

The green-fingered Reddit user was modifying an irrigation line on his lychee tree when his spade handle bent.

In a video shared to the discussion platform of his spade breaking when it was pushed into the ground.

They wrote on the post: "Bought a garden spade from the dollar store. I guess I should have expected this."

The video was filmed at night on lose soil which appeared to be surrounded by trees.

A lot of reactions were shared under the post, with many people agreeing dollar store tools aren't very reliable.


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One person said: "You're not supposed to dig with it. It's just for posing in the garden for selfies with."

Another said: "Yeah, I wouldn’t even call that spade a spade."

One person said they had tried two similar spades from a dollar store, and they both did the same thing.

They said: "I didn't learn the first time."

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Someone else said: "I had the same problem. I was digging in clay and trying to use it like a real shovel instead of a movie prop. My mistake."

Familiar with the feeling, another person admitted: "Just like any tools, you get what you paid for."

But others thought the OP was the one with the problem – not the spade.

One person said: "I've had my dollar store shovel for 3 years now. OP cant shovel."

Some commenters were a little concerned that the video might not be real since he was filming when it happened – but one person

They said: "He wouldn’t be recording the first time, dude bent it back and then started recording."

The OP confirmed in another post this was the case: "I straightened it out and recreated the bend for the video. Original bend was just as dramatic and easily made."

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