I’m a fit teacher – people say I’m ‘awesome’ when they see my skills and it has nothing to do with my job | The Sun

ONE teacher has a hobby outside of her day job that social media users are loving.

People are obsessed with her moves and some even say that she's "goals."

In a TikTok clip, Christina Pina (@christina_pina) stood in her classroom and instructed her class.

It was the ideal scene of a teacher in a classroom, with the woman looking completely in her element.

She cut the video to some recordings that showed a contrast – she was in gym wear and looked quite fierce as she boxed.

"My teacher is a boxer," she wrote in her video, hopping on a TikTok trend.

"#FitTeacher," she affirmed in her caption.

People flooded her comments section with positivity and encouragement.

"I hope I can be like you one day," one person wrote.

"So awesome!!!!" exclaimed a second.

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"My teachers could never," a third said.

"Goalssssss," another gushed.

Someone else had a genuine question.

They wrote: "If you just train boxing are you an actual boxer? Not hating just wondering."

To which the fit teacher responded: "I don’t just train, but I think you can call yourself whatever you want and manifest it."

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