I'm a fashionista – how to turn any oversized cardigan into a cute sweater and keep cosy in winter | The Sun

A TRENDY style lover has shared a cardigan hack for the colder months – and it's so easy too.

As the temperatures plummet across the nation, most of us are reaching for cosy cardigans – but what if there was a way to give it a more unique look?

Well, one fashionista certainly thinks it's possible, as she demonstrated how to turn your favourite cardi into a stunning jumper in seconds.

Lina Noory (@lina.noory), believed to be from the US, took to TikTok to share the trick – and we're obsessed.

''I wasn’t sure at first if I was going to like this trending fashion hack, but it definitely worked! It’s worth trying out,'' she recommended.

The game-changer of a trick, the fashionista added, works best with oversized garments, which you first put on backwards.

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Once on, the tutorial showed, pull the bottom section to the front and button it together.

''Tuck in the collar and then tuck in the other buttons on the side,'' she continued before revealing the final result.

''I actually love this trend and it's a whole new look!''

Lina went on to add in the caption: ''Also, I’ve seen this hack done where the front button part is tucked under, but I personally thought it was more practical to keep it untucked so you’re not having to fold it whenever it becomes undone.''

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But despite Lina swearing by this trick, the response on social media was divided – some couldn't wait to give it a go, others were more sceptical.

One reckoned: ''Seems so uncomfortable. I hope you are breathing all well!!''

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Someone else wrote: ''Just don’t buy oversized.''

''Would not be able to stand the feeling of the back from the Cardigan on my neck,'' another was unsure.

''Super cute!!! Love this idea,'' read a positive comment.

On the lookout for more ways to transform your cardi? Then look no further, as one style fan, Thanya (@thanyaw_), from Germany, revealed some of her top picks.

The fashion fan first started her video with giving her knitted garment the on-trend bolero style.

For this, she demonstrated, simply grab the last two buttons and button them around your back – and voila, the cardi should look brand new.

Next, she demonstrated how to crop your cardi that will look perfect to accentuate the waist.

Here, Thanya grabbed the bottom buttonhole and folded it so it touched the top one, before putting the opposite button through one of the button holes.

Then grab the bottom button and push it through the remaining buttonhole on the top section.

Posted just a few days ago, the clip has taken the video-sharing platform by storm, racking up millions of views and it seems that TikTok fans are just as obsessed as we are.

One exclaimed: ''OMG THESE ARE SO SMART THANK U.''

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A second was excited to try these for themselves, commenting: ''I didn't like the first one as much but the other ones were quite cute.''

''Now I want to be a sweater girl, these are so cute!'' someone else added.

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