I’m a fashion fan – how to make oversize jeans actually fit you on the waist with no sewing | The Sun

HAVE you got jeans that fit around your legs and thighs but are too big around your waist?

This is just the hack you need.

Paola is a sustainable fashion fan.

In a recent video she shared a hack for making an adjustable waistband in your jeans and trousers with no sewing.

Paola said: ”I am legitimately going to put you on game and give you the biggest lifehack ever. The best part is there is no sewing required.”

She said: “I am going to show you how to make an adjustable waistband in under 15 minutes or less.”

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She said: “I figured that everyone can use this trick lets get into the tutorial.”

Paola said: Grab any pair of oversized baggy jeans. You’ll need to grab an exacto knife or sharp blade 

She continued: “The first step is to cut a little hole with the button. You don’t want to run the knife through the waistband. You just wanna get through the first layer of fabric.”

Then repeat the process

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Paola said: “Grab by the buttonhole and then again create a hole, but don’t go through the waistband. Just through the first layer of fabric.”

She explained: “Because most jeans have this tab which is secured with a seam. Your going to create two more hole next to those stitched.”

She said: “The next thing you want to grab is a shoe string and then a safety pin. 

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Paola said: “Loop the safety pin in the shoe string and then we’re just gonna run it through those channels that we created.”

She said: “So start at the first hole which is the button hoel and then you're going to run that through all the way to the hole next to the tab.”

Paola said: “You’re going to run that outside to then run it inside next to the followin hole next to the tab. You want run that all the way inside that channel again next to the button whole and you should be finished from.”

She said: “You can put on the jeans and adjust it where you’d like.”

From this adjustment Paola can style the same pair of jeans as high waisted or low waisted.

She said: “The styling options are truly endless.”

Viewers loved Paola tips.

One commenter said: “HOW have I not thought of this before this is SO SMART OMG”

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A second commenter said: “Omg ty for this I have at least two pairs of jeans I can’t wear because they’re too loose around the waist.”

Another commenter said: “I do this w elastic & it makes any pair of pants fit perfectly!”

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