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A BABY name consultant has taken to TikTok to share which names and themes she thinks are going to be popular this year – and one Netflix show is already having a big impact.

Steph, known online as @nameswithsteph, regularly shares unique baby name ideas with her 228,000 followers. 

In a new video, she shares her predictions for the next 12 months – and claims there’s going to be a rise in dark names, thanks to the Netflix show, Wednesday.

“My top name predictions for 2023. 

“Let’s start with my top three themes that you’re going to see more of in the new year. 

“Number one, I predict we’re going to see more dark and moody names on the rise. 


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“Thanks to shows like Wednesday, which is a great name, and anything mystical and mythological has always been popular, but we’re going to see even darker names. 

“Like Argo, Draco, Knight, Zephyr, Zelda. 

“Number two, I am confident that international names are the rise. 

“I cannot tell you how many name orders I get where the parents are from two different cultures, and they want a name that works in both languages or both countries. 

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“This includes names like Amari, Indra, Lilia and Lorenzo. 

“Finally, we are already seeing this trend everywhere, nicknames as first names. 

“For example, people are going right to Libby and Betty instead of Elizabeth. 

“Kit instead of Christopher. Hank instead of Henry, these are going to continue to be on the rise.”

Steph also shared some specific she thinks might become more popular over the next 12 months. 

She continued: “My predictions for boys are Caspian and Cooper. 

“And my predictions for girls are Luna and Mila/Myla. 

“Finally, I mentioned this name a few weeks ago and people are still talking about it to me in the comments. 

“It’s gender-neutral, it’s super uncommon and I think it’s real winner. 

“The name is Selwyn. How gorgeous is that?”

Fans loved Steph’s predictions, with the video gaining more than 2,600 likes and 65,000 views. 

In the comments, her followers shared their thoughts on some of the name mentioned, with one writing: “Love Selwyn! I have an Elowyn!”

Another said: “Funny you said dark and moody! Currently pregnant if it’s a girl she will be Salem.”

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A third added: “My Moms name is Wednesday. She’s 60 years old.”

Someone else put: “Luna, Mila, and Salem all being in my name list.”

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