I'm 23 & a Hooters girl – I get trolled for being skinny & called a 'stick bug' but I just get hotter with age | The Sun

A HOOTERS girl has claimed she gets trolled for being skinny and says she's been branded a "stick bug" by critics.

But, content creator Asia Lily, 23, isn’t fazed by the criticism about her appearance as she believes “she gets hotter with age”.

In one clip, the staffer, from New York, shared some of the insults that have been hurled toward her.

Lily claimed that trolls have previously labeled her as “flat” and “skinny”.

One critic reportedly said: “You’ve got no meat on your bones.”

Hitting back, the Hooters worker sarcastically said: “This is such a fantastic observation and I’m so glad you pointed it out.”

She shared a clip of herself looking at her body in the mirror.

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Lily captioned the clip: “I’ve NEVER looked in the mirror for the past 23 years so I’m like genuinely shocked. You learn something new every day.”

The worker also claimed that she has been getting hotter with age, and she urged people to leave her “stick bug body” alone.

The staffer revealed how she transforms her look before starting a shift.

The influencer captioned the clip: “One would say a walking catfish, I’d like to think I’m just a finesse queen.”

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She first showed off her slim body in an oversized grey top.

She explains this is how she looks around “90% of the time.” 

Then in the second clip, Asia shows off what she looks like for three nights a week while in her uniform with her chest area visibly different. 

The video, which has been viewed over 210,000 times, left viewers baffled as they wondered how she manages to transform her appearance.

Some asked for a “tutorial”, while another wrote: “Show us your way please.” 

A confused fan said: “Okay but how", while a viewer urged Lily to reveal her secrets.

Lily has shared her experience working at a Hooter’s restaurant in several TikTok clips.

She appeared to be left bemused when a supposedly cute customer only tipped her two dollars,

And, she dreaded working a double shift on a Sunday when the football was on.

Meanwhile, a former Hooters staffer, known as KC, tried on her old uniform, sending fans wild.

And, ex-Hooters worker Tasha Guess’ uniform seemed to fit so perfectly that fans were calling for her to come out of retirement.

But, the restaurant chain is renowned for its strict dress code.

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