I work in childcare & there are four things I'd never send my kid to nursery in & lace up shoes are a big no | The Sun

ANY parent will know that getting your toddler dressed for nursery in the morning can be quite the stressful task.

But one woman who works in childcare has revealed the four things you should never dress your child in ahead of a day at nursery…because it makes her life a nightmare.

Lizz (@lizz_yyy), who is a 19-year-old early childhood educator, pointed out there are some things that really don't work – from lace up shoes to overalls.

She then took to TikTok to reel off her list of big o no's, beginning with a rather obvious choice – designer clothing.

With painting and Play-Doh amongst the activities on offer, you're just asking for a messy disaster.

Next, she advises parents to steer clear of dresses or shirts with halterneck straps.


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"We are just going to have to change them," she points out.

Continuing her list, Lizz then mentions a very popular choice amongst mums and dads – overalls.

And last but not least, the nursery worker warns to never send your kid off to nursery wearing lace up shoes.

She captioned the post: "Honestly they aren’t that bad they just make life that little bit harder."

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The video has since gone viral, racking up over 251,000 views and hundreds of comments.

And it wasn't long before other nursery workers all chimed in to share the items they'd love to add to the banned list.

"It’s the excessive amount of buttons on the overalls when trying to quickly change like 12 nappies for me," wrote one.

A second penned: "High top shoes with laces especially are the worst!!"

A third commented:"Converse high tops."

Meanwhile, a fourth noted: "JEANS. ON. BABIES. I knooowww it’s adorable but it hinders hip movement for sitting and pain to put on after changes."

Another added: "The pull ups that don’t re velcro. I AM NOT REDRESSING UR KID."

A further chimed in: "Onesies with 4000 buttons on them."

And one more wrote: "ROMPERS WITHOUT BUTTONS!!"

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