I used to work at Pandora – there’s a RIGHT way to get rings off but that didn’t stop customers sucking their fingers | The Sun

A PANDORA ex-employee has revealed some of the strange things that could happen when customers would try on rings.

Posting TikTok former retail worker Ellie Burnett reveals that she had strict style rules to follow when working at Pandora and that some customers would even put the rings in their mouths.

She says that whenever she tells people where she used to work they’ll always ask one big question – do people actually buy engagement rings from Pandora?

Ellie confirms that yes, she had many customers that came in looking to purchase engagement rings for their partners.

Continuing, she also explains how people would often get rings stuck on their fingers when trying them on:

“So people do get the rings stuck on their fingers and what you’d have to do was get them either cold water or soapy water so they could get it off.”

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However not everyone would wait for the water, “some people would literally just put the ring in their mouth and suck it off,” explains Ellie.

She also details a day she was told off for coming in to work not wearing any makeup.

“At Pandora you’re actually expected to be presentable at all times and one day I chose being on time rather than being late and doing my makeup” she says.

“I actually got told that I was unpresentable and I should put makeup on next time, so my mum had to come drop some off.”

In the comments section, another former Pandora employee says: “I remember having one chipped nail and was told to go buy some nail polish and fix it before I could be on the shop floor.”

Another added: “I was lucky that in my store none of us really wore makeup! it was the amount of people trying to return earrings!!”

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“I’ve worked at Pandora for 3 years and I've never been told off for not wearing makeup, it's definitely just your store,” wrote a third.

Replying to this, Ellie added: “I think it was just my manager honestly, other girls didn’t wear any but I came in and thought I’d be okay but nope I wasn’t.”

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