I got dress-coded at work for my ‘inappropriate’ outfit and people are very confused by their reasons | The Sun

AFTER two years of following a vague dress code, one retail worker has gotten into hot water for wearing an "inappropriate" outfit.

Amy tried her best to follow her job's dress code policy, but one of her usual looks was deemed unsuitable for work for an unexpected reason.

Brief and obscure policies can prompt confusion among employees.

And an undetailed dress code leaves people with only their interpretations of the rules.

Amy's perception of her work attire policy seemed to fit her employer's standards for the past two years – but not anymore.

She posted a video revealing the "inappropriate" outfit in question, and people are so confused.

Amy begins by showing viewers the policy she's been following while working at the retail store.

The dress code reads: "Clean and presentable. No hats while working on the sales floor.

"Be conscious of logos and wording on shirts. If working in the warehouse wear closed-toe shoes."

Amy switches the picture to expose the outfit that supposedly broke the code.

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She clarifies that the clothes "were no longer okay," indicating that she has worn them before and they were fine.

In the bathroom mirror, Amy's seen in a round-neck black dress.

The retail worker is wearing a backpack on her shoulders.

Amy's employer believes the look is unacceptable because of the exposed "midriff."

But her entire front is covered in fabric.

"Babes it's retail and simply not that serious," Amy proclaims.

Viewers didn't understand why Amy got in trouble for showing "midriff" when it wasn't showing.

A baffled individual wrote: "I don’t even get it bc ur midriff isn’t even out."

"There's not a centimeter of midriff," another person agreed.

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