I bought my wedding dress for £3.70 from a second hand shop on the big day and saved over £1k

A FRUGAL bride has revealed how she bought her wedding dress for just £3.70 from a second hand shop.

TikTok user @autandadam fell in love when she spotted the 1980s vintage lace dress in a thrift store on her big day.

The best part of the bargain find was that the gown had originally cost £1,200 when it had been full price – marking a HUGE saving.

The bride wrote: “$1,750 dress back then!”

Many people were quick to say how stunning she looked in the dress and how it looked like it was “made for her.”

She responded by saying: “I agree, it even fit perfectly.”

The dress even came with a beautiful lace veil that she wore on her special day.

Although the bride didn’t know the designer, there was an extra sentimental touch that came in the box which made it more poignant.

She explained: “The box had the lady’s name on it.

“I looked her up and she had passed away.

“So someone must’ve donated it when she passed.”

Her video has racked up over 77,000 likes, with one person writing: “When I say my jaw dropped I mean it.”

Another added: “This a flex.”

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