Hairdresser reveals the five bad hair habits you need to break now – including washing your locks daily

THERE's pretty much nothing we won't do when it comes to trying to make our locks as luscious as possible, but little did we know we could be doing it more harm than good.

If you're a regular hair washer or not so handy with the heat protector when it comes to styling your hair, you may want to brush up on these hair dos and don'ts shared by Australian hairdresser Faith Williams.

Having tended to many manes over the years, she knows all too well what mistakes we're all making when it comes to our hair and she's outlined five bad habits that we immediately need to kick.

The Brisbane-based hair stylist is busting many a hair myth and we all need to take note if we want to prevent any long-term damage to our locks.


Bad habit number one is avoiding getting your hair trimmed on a regular basis because you want to grow your hair. It actually does the opposite.

Faith explained that getting your hair trimmed every eight weeks can actually help to grow your hair and tackle breakage.

Speaking to Femail, she said: "When you get split ends, they continually split further up the hair shaft, which leaves you with thin, wispy ends that will eventually break off."

Lots of breakage can actually prevent hair growth.


There's nothing better than when you've washed your hair and feeling fresh, but giving your locks the once over with shampoo and conditioner too often can actually be more harmful to your hair than you think.

It's a "lose, lose scenario" as Faith explained: "It dries out both your hair and scalp, your hair will generally start to overproduce natural oils to compensate for you washing your hair so much, and you'll always feel like it's oily."

Arm yourself with dry shampoo instead and stick to washing your hair just twice a week.


Whether you're blow-drying your hair, using the straighteners or curling your hair with tongs – heat protector is a must.

Forgetting to spray your hair before applying heat can be "one of the worst things we can do" to our hair.

The way Faith puts it is, you wouldn't leave your house without sunscreen when the sun's out, so heat protector is essentially sunscreen for your hair.

It not only reduces the risk of damage, but helps to keep the hair hydrated and can help to prevent split ends.


While we can be all too happy to splash the cash when it comes to sprucing up our hair, Faith has pointed out that it's so important you don't forget about the upkeep that comes with it.

If you're going to pay top salon prices for your cut and colour, then you need to be spending on good quality products too – especially those who have gone lighter.

Faith swears by a leave-in moisturiser to give newly-dyed blondes a burst of extra hydration and a "good combination of strengthening treatments".


Again for those with lighter hair, over-toning your hair to try and get it even blonder can actually make the colour duller instead.

"If you have toned out the gold in one wash and continue to use it too much, your blonde actually begins to go darker," Faith explained.

"The violet and blue tones build up in the hair and make it look more lifeless and dull."

Instead of using a toner with every wash, she recommends cutting back and using it once every three washes.

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