Gemini love horoscope and compatibility – here's the zodiac sign you're best matched with

GEMINI-LOVE MATCHES Gemini May 21 – June 20 From the element of Air come the zodiac signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

GEMINI WITH GEMINI two Air signs share each other’s dreams and schemes but shy away from practical planning for the future. Fascinating love-making, but commitment takes time.

GEMINI WITH CANCER (Air + Water) It’s tempting to take advantage of the tender, pampering care on offer from Cancer. Be more thoughtful, more supportive. Then it could be a sexy success.

GEMINI WITH LEO (Air + Fire)You fascinate each other, and this has all the ingredients for friendship, flirty fun and genuine love. Just remember, Leo needs to be the centre of attention most of the time.

GEMINI WITH VIRGO (Air + Earth)You think love should be fun, Virgo takes relationships seriously. A challenge to start with, but can work, if you really try. But it means letting Virgo organise the relationship.

GEMINI WITH LIBRA (Air + Air)All the ingredients for long-term love.  Mentally well-matched and physically in tune, it’s a relationship full of ideas — some of them profitable. And each understands how the other needs to be loved.

GEMINI WITH SCORPIO  (Air + Water) Your light, flirty style clashes with Scorpio’s intense approach to love and can stir jealousy. Risk of misunderstanding and rows but sexually, this relationship never runs out of ideas.

GEMINI WITH SAGITTARIUS  (Air + Fire)Two freedom-lovers, you’re perfectly in tune sexually and emotionally. And it can go the distance if you resist mind games and see how good commitment can be.

GEMINI WITH CAPRICORN (Air + Earth)Smart, businesslike Capricorn may be too keen on organising your life, but there’s passion, too, when they put seriousness aside.  Compromise needed from both of you.


GEMINI WITH AQUARIUS  (Air + Air) Exciting blend of two freedom lovers. You never know what to expect next from each other, yet your love for each other is never in doubt and your relationship keeps on getting stronger.

GEMINI WITH PISCES (Air + Water)Emotional Pisces intrigues cool-thinking you   — but their need for total commitment from the start makes you wary. And your socialising stirs their suspicion. Tricky but worth working at.

GEMINI WITH ARIES (Air + Fire)Hyper-active and mostly happy relationship. But your mind-changes could baffle Aries and you will have to charm them out of being too bossy.

GEMINI WITH TAURUS (Air + Earth)Either commit, and enjoy all that this sensual, supportive, love specialist Taurus has to offer, or keep your hands off. Taurus affection is not to be trifled with.


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