Fuming wife makes a ‘husband guide’ so her man gets her the right takeaway & food shop & people say she should market it

A WIFE has made a “husband guide” so her man always knows the right takeaway to get and what to buy from the supermarket.

Natalie Railey, 40, from Arizona, uploaded a funny video to TikTok filling a binder with information about her favourite things – from food to shoe styles.

The mum, who posts under @parodymom, explained: “After 20 years together, my husband still can't remember what I like on my pizza or what size shoe I wear or the names of some of my family members.

“But that doesn't mean he doesn't love me.

“He does lots of things to show me that he loves me. It just means that his brain doesn't work that way, so let's help him out instead of being b****y about it.”

She showed off the book, and continued: “I decided to call it 'Know Your F-ng Wife.'

“All the information you need to make decisions without asking your wife the same f-ing questions forever and ever and ever.

“And, because I'm his f-ing wife, all the categories in the book start with the letter ‘F’”.

Natalie then flipped to the ‘Food’ section, as it is what she is asked about the most.

It explained different foods and how she likes them prepared and preferred takeaway menu, such as “thin crust” pizza and “extra crispy” wings in “medium buffalo sauce.”

Hilariously, it included a “life-size cut out” of her foot “complete with a toe-slit for flip-flops.”

She added: “Other categories include family, favorites, and fun. But help me out. I need more ‘F’ words.

“It will be a work in progress, like our marriage.

“Now his memory can stay free for important things like sports scores and Jeep part numbers.”

Her video has racked up 4.1million views, and people praised the idea: “These should be exchanged upon engagement.”

Another added: “I work in retail and if a man brought this in with him when shopping for his wife I would die from happiness.”

A third joked: “Ok but have you considered making this an actual workbook people can buy…”

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