Fuming mum slams 'outrageous' prices of children's PE kits after school charges her £100

IF THERE'S one thing we know, it's that having children doesn't come cheap.

With toys, books, clothes, school things, activities, snacks and all the other bits and bobs the little financial burdens need, it's easy for the costs to stack up.

It's for that reason that no one can blame mums for not wanting to wild splashing out on everything – or indeed anything.

But especially not a boring utilitarian item like a PE kit, that they're being TOLD they have to buy.

Well that's how one anonymous mum felt when she took to Mumsnet, to explain her dismay at being charged £100 by her school for the essential kit.

She said: "£25 for a PE top! Am I being unreasonable to think this is OUTRAGEOUS?

"State secondary school in a deprived town with a majority of social housing.

"Apparently previously the PE top was an £8 polo top with logo but they’ve done away with this for the new Yr7’s who have to buy the new £25 jazzed up version.

"In addition, to tracksuit, rugby top and socks so looking at close to £100 just for PE kit, not including trainers and you just know that half of it is going to get lost stolen within the first few weeks.

"[Am I being unreasonable] to think this is an utter p**s take and be ‘that’ parent and complain before DC has even started there?"

Fellow Mumsnet users were quick to weigh in and agree that the uniform was overpriced.

One said: "I feel your pain, ours is £88 for the full kit, not including special football boots for their fancy 3G pitch.

"Son is in year 7 and his kit is too small and he needs new for September because he’s grown six inches this year."

Another agreed: "That is very expensive and your year is bearing the brunt of it as future years will be able to benefit from second-hand sales. I would complain!"

A third said: "Yes that's madness. I'd complain and ask for a cheap option alternative."

While another chipped in: "How do they expect parents to afford this?! On top of them wanting parents to buy iPads and give donations every month.

"The school uniform system needs to be looked at cause a lot of parents just can’t even begin to afford this surely on top of the cost of living skyrocketing along with furlough and redundancies, it’s so unfair!"

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