From stomach massages to foot rubs — here's how to boost your sex life with touch alone

WANT to know what tickles your lover’s fancy between the sheets? Do exactly what they do to you.

Couples typically caress their other half in the same spot they like to be touched, a new study revealed this week.

But before you get too excited fellas, women prefer being touched on their head, lips and mouth, nape and back of the neck and their lower back, experts from Bangor University and Royal Holloway, University of London, found.

And ladies, despite what they might tell you, men favour a caress on the mouth, neck and ears.

There are surprising ways to supercharge your sex life with touch alone too — like homing in on unconventional pressure points such as just below your belly button, known as the Orgasm Button.

By using “acupressure” — acupuncture without the needles — you could boost your libido in no time.

Here, chartered professional physiotherapist and acupuncturist, Gilberto Koenig takes you by the hand to highlight his and her hits . . .

Tummy rub

Ren 6 – located on the stomach, two fingers’ width below the belly button

Gilberto says: “Most people have heard of the G-spot but there is also an “orgasm button” just below your belly button.

"If you massage this area for two minutes it can help to release pent-up energy and frustration before allowing blood flow to restore to your genitals, better helping you to both reach orgasm.

“The correct stimulation of this point can also promote an increase in libido by improving digestion and circulation.”

Calf massage

KI7 – located on the border of the achilles tendon on the inside of the foot SP6 – about four fingers up on the inside of the ankle

Gilberto says: “SP6 is an essential point in treating sexual disorders. It can help ease painful sex for women and sexual impotence for men.

“It is believed to promote the calming energy, known as yin, within the body, while KI7 stimulates the more warming energy, yang.

“Together the two points boost blood flow to those vital organs.”

Head massage

DU20 – located around the top of the head, in line with the tips of the ears

Gilberto says: “Our brains are one of the busiest parts of our bodies as we are constantly taking in new information, which can play havoc with your sex drive.

“By massaging Governor Vessel 20, also known as DU20, you can help to restore calm to your overloaded mind to give you not only a more restful night’s sleep but also help to save your energy to improve your sexual stamina.”

Stomach massage

ST30 – located above the groin near the knicker line and close to hip hinge

Gilberto says: “This point is connected with the endorphin hormone. The benefit of it is that it can release the hormone straight in to your system, drastically reducing the levels of cortisol, known as the stress-related hormone.

"This will help to create a more calm, gentle foreplay and make for a better sexual experience.

“Stomach 30 can be used to help distribute your energy to your genital and reproductive organs.

“Try pressing on this pressure point for a few seconds before releasing.”

Foot rub

KI1 – located a third of the way down from the bottom of your foot
SP4 – at the base of the toe on the inside of the foot
LR3 – the webbing between the first and second toes

Gilberto says: “Kidney 1 is the only recognised point on the sole of the foot. The kidneys are said to be the root of the body and one of the organ systems in charge of our sexual health.

“Massaging it for two minutes a day can help to promote the release of the happy hormone serotonin. And if we feel happy we are more likely to be in the mood for sex.

“KI1 and SP4 help balance the energies in the body while sending increased blood flow to help boost arousal.

“Liver 3 is the best point to help calm emotions such as anger and irritability.

"The liver channel is responsible for moving energy in different directions and when that energy gets stuck it can build up and lead to symptoms such as a headache – which is a common excuse for not wanting sex.”

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