Fashion fan reveals secret hack for the perfect bloat-friendly Christmas Day dress – but people are divided | The Sun

THERE'S nothing worse than feeling like you're going to burst after your Christmas dinner – especially if you're in a tight-fitting outfit.

But one fashion fan claims to have come up with the "dress hack of all dress hacks" to fight the food baby bloat.

And all it takes is shopping in a different section.

Posting on TikTok, Megan Beaudry (@megbeaudry), said: "THIS IS A GAME CHANGER. Never sucking in at an event ever again."

In her video, she described the long-sleeved rose-print dress she was wearing: "So this dress… it’s a nice dress, nice and tight," she said of the .

"It’s a maternity dress!" she laughed.

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Pulling out the material on her stomach, she continued: "Look, look at how much room!

"It’s the comfiest dress.

"I’m going to eat so much food, I’m going to be so comfortable the whole night, and I have room for days!"

And concluding her video, Megan said: "So yes, order maternity dresses even if you’re not pregnant.

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"It’s smart!"

Meg had purchased the dress for a wedding, but after someone revealed they do the same at Christmas, she said: "That is VERY smart. I shall be doing the same."

Social media users have been left divided over the hack.

Many have hailed Megan a "genius" , with one gushing: "This is an excellent idea."

Another wrote: "Oh my god, I think you're actually a bona fide genius."

And a third added: "This is my kind of hack YESSSSS, food baby WHO?"

But not everybody was loving the idea, with some in the comments claiming it will make shopping more difficult for pregnant women.

One said: "All good until there's none left for the actual pregnant women who wanna look nice as well."

While a second agreed: As if pregnant people don’t have it tough enough at times without people buying up the nice dresses.

"Seriously though – nice maternity wear is rare."

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