Cleaning fanatic stuns after getting thick grease of a baking tray with zero scrubbing thanks to a dishwasher tablet

THIS quick and easy viral TikTok shows viewers how to leave a baking tray sparkling clean with just three things – and the results are instant.

Who has time to tackle a thick crust of dirt and grease on a baking tray nowadays?

Well, TikTok creator Açelya (@acelya_t.h.46), from Germany, may have just found the answer to your greasy woes.

She shared the hack with her followers on TikTok, showing her neat trick to unbelievable results on her baking tray.

Simply by using a dishwasher tablet, a squeeze of washing-up liquid and dousing the tray in boiling water from a kettle, Açelya leaves the tray to soak.

What happens next is brilliant.

Just by using these three things, Açelya’s baking tray transforms from a greasy mess to a shining grease-free tray.

With no need from scrubbing or a round in the dishwasher, the TikTok video shows just how fuss-free de-greasing cooking equipment can be.

The video has been viewed over 1.2 million times and has racked up over 13,500 likes in just a few days.

Some viewers were thrilled to see the video, asking for the inside scoop on the products Açelya used in the video.

Açeyla simply replied: “Ein Geschirrspultab und Essigreiniger (a dishwasher and washing up cleaner).”

People in the comments section also shared their hacks to defeating a greasy tray.

One commented: “I use baking soda or soda crystal, have you tried them? Really recommend.”

Whilst others were not so convinced over Açelya’s hack, pointing out that she may not have even need the dishwasher tablet or the washing-up liquid.

One said: “Chemicals not needed, all you need to do is put hot water in it and leave it overnight.”

Whilst another said: “Can’t help thinking it’s the boiling water doing the work.”

Another viewer also commented: “If you cleaned it after every use you wouldn’t have to do that.”

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