Brits reveal the most surprising habits they discovered about their partner after moving in, from snoring to being messy

THE most surprising habits Brits discovered about their partner after moving in together include leaving lights on, putting recycling in the black bin and opening windows when the heating is on.

A survey of 2,000 UK adults in a relationship found more than three quarters (79 per cent) were surprised by some aspects of their partner's behaviour when they shared a home for the first time.

And it was their other half’s attitude towards sustainability inside the home which they were most likely to take issue with.

The biggest surprise was how they would leave lights on when not in the room, followed by snoring, leaving appliances plugged in when not in use and putting the recycling in with the black bin waste.

Other discoveries included finding out that they didn’t tidy up after themselves, left the heating on unnecessarily, wasted food and opened the window despite the boiler on full flow.

As a result, 54 per cent of couples are encouraging each other to be more sustainable – with 27 per cent claiming their attempts to live a greener life has brought them closer together as a couple.

The research was carried out by BT, which is giving households the knowledge and motivation needed to make small but sustainable lifestyle changes and highlighting the role technology has in making the shift to sustainable living easier.

It also found a third of adults are doing more than they were 12 months ago to live a greener life at home.

Overall, 78 per cent of those surveyed regard sustainability as important to them as an individual.

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When asked which ‘climate resolution’ they would make to live a greener life, switching to an electric vehicle emerged as the top choice, followed by recycling as much as possible and only using the heating while necessary.

Making up the top five were switching to a renewable energy provider and eating more plant-based food.

It also emerged more than two thirds of respondents who have smart tech in their home feel it has helped them be more environmentally friendly.

However, 68 per cent of those polled via OnePoll wish they could use less energy each month, with just a quarter of people in a relationship aware of how much energy their household uses each month.

The results come after BT recently announced the results of its Smarter Living Challenge – a partnership with environmental charity Hubbub to highlight the impact households can have on their carbon emissions by using technology to support simple sustainable lifestyle changes.

Andy Wales, chief digital impact and sustainability officer at BT said: “We want to show people up and down the country that it’s not just politicians and corporations who can make a difference in the fight against climate change: everyone has a part to play.

"That’s why we’re encouraging our customers, colleagues and communities to make their own ‘climate resolutions’.

“We’re committed to helping people improve their digital skills at home, providing them with the knowledge and motivation needed to make small but significant changes in their life with the help of technology, and help them lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle.”


1.        Leaves lights on when not in the room

2.        Snores 

3.        Leaves appliances plugged in when not in use 

4.        Puts recycling in with the black bin waste          

5.        Doesn't tidy up after themselves            

6.        Leaves the heating on unnecessarily     

7.        Wastes food     

8.        Opens the window with the heating on               

9.        Leaves the TV on when leaving the room           

10.      Wastes water   

11.      Leaves the toilet seat up             

12.      Watches the TV really loudly     

13.      Never puts the washing away   

14.      Never rinses out the sink after brushing their teeth      

15.      Leaves cups/glasses all over the place  

16.      Hair seems to fall out everywhere         

17.      Never makes the bed   

18.      Uses lots of water when hand washing dishes  

19.      Puts one item in the washing machine and runs a cycle              

20.      Showers for ages            

21.      Always needs attention rather than letting you have 'me time'               

22.      Careless with food/drink on furniture

23.      Hides the smart energy meter / turns it off / Checks the smart energy meter every day              

24.      Is a terrible cook             

25.      Always puts a load of washing in the machine but never hangs it out to dry      

26.      Shouts /screams when watching sports               

27.      Chews really loudly        

28.      Doesn't empty /load the dishwasher    

29.      Puts the dishwasher on before it’s full 

30.      Makes lots of noise in the morning        

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