‘Attention-seeker’ mother-of-the-bride slammed for wearing a white lacy gown to her daughter's wedding | The Sun

A MOTHER-OF-THE-BRIDE was slammed for wearing a white lacy gown to her daughter's wedding.

In the picture the mum, whose face has been obscured to protect her identity, is wearing a white lacy frock with three-quarter length sleeves.

The picture was posted to Reddit where people were gob smacked when they found out she wasn't the bride.

The picture was uploaded with the caption: "Really thought she was getting married too at first, but nope just the brides mom."

The same person followed up with the comment: "When I saw the pictures I was so confused and then just felt bad for the bride."

The mother-of-the-bride could be seen pictured in a white dress with a pleated full-length skirt.

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The top was a strapless bustier with a lace cap-sleeved top.

Fellow Redditors were quick to jump in with their opinions.

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One person said: "Woooow that is literally is a wedding dress."

Another said: "What??? Noooo…. I think this is by far the worst example of women wearing white dresses to weddings ever."

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A third said: "Like, yes, you’ll get attention (which is most likely the motivation?), but it’s not good attention.

"People will be thinking you’re bat crap crazy, and you’ll forever be known as the person who wore a wedding dress to someone else wedding."

Another said: "Even if the bride approved this/doesn’t care, you’re still getting judged harshly. People absolutely will lose respect for you."

Someone else said: "I'm actually surprised that there are any guests who would pose for a photo with her."

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One commenter said: "This literally looks like my wedding dress with slightly longer sleeves. YIKES."

And another person suggested a solution: "It would be nice if bridal shops had signs that said things like: 'If you’re here to buy a wedding dress to wear to your daughter’s/DIL’s wedding, you’ve come to the wrong place'."

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