Aldi is selling a genius couples duvet with TWO separate temperatures & people think it will save relationships

DO you and your partner argue over the temperature in your bedroom at night?

Aldi is selling a genius couples duvet that could be the solution to any nighttime disagreements, as it has two different thicknesses.

  • Made For Two Double Duvet, £19.99 from Aldi – buy now

The clever Slumberdown ‘Made For You Two’ Duvet has been hailed as the perfect sleeping solution for all temperatures.

The double-sized duvet has one half that is 4.5 tog in thickness for a partner who likes to be cold at night, while the other half is 10.5 tog for those who like to be snug.

Alternatively, if you sleep solo, you can use the different halves for winter and summer.

The Aldi website says: “This duvet is the perfect solution to ensure bedtime harmony. 

“So snuggle down, and enjoy the perfect temperature.”

The duvet is being sold at Aldi for £19.99 exclusively online.

Many people were quick to say how they wanted to snap up the duvet to bring harmony to their relationships.

After the product was shared on Facebook, one person wrote: “This is what we need.”

Another added: “Definitely need this.”

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