You Won't BELIEVE Mr. Big's Favorite Sex And The City Scene!

What’s your favorite Sex And The City scene? Is it a happily ever after ending? A classic Samantha quip (or bed flip)? One of Charlotte’s hilariously bad boyfriend reveals?

As talk of the HBO Max revival series, currently titled And Just Like That…, heats up, we are thinking more and more about the classic show and its many fantastic moments. And we aren’t the only ones!

Chris Noth, aka Mr. Big himself, was on The Kelly Clarkson Show on Wednesday to promote his new show, The Equalizer (this time with Queen Latifah in the lead). But of course Kelly Clarkson, being an SATC fan, could not let him go without asking him about his favorite scene.

First Kelly revealed her fave

“Well, I think my favorite because I think it’s like the worst thing ever is when Carrie got broken up with on a post-it note. I was like, ‘That is WRONG.’”

Berger?? Her favorite is that disastrous Berger moment? Man, that says a lot about where the American Idol alum’s head is at right now…

OK, but back to Big. What did Noth say was his favorite scene?

“My favorite was when she farted in bed.”

OMG! LOLz! That would be the Season One episode The Drought, where Carrie gets TOO comfortable and relaxed with Big and just lets one go during a morning cuddle. Obviously devastated — because she’s neurotic Carrie — she runs away, getting dressed and leaving Big alone in the apartment while she pretends to run errands.

Noth loved every minute of it, joking:

“I insisted on doing the sound to get it right because I’m an expert in farts.”

The actor apparently relished the juvenile humor of the moment, talking about how later in the episode he got to put a whoopie cushion on her seat to mess with her.

Wow. Of all the scenes between the two, the dramatic explosions, the sweet intimacy, and that’s the one he picks?

Well, to each his one we guess. BTW, he did mention his second favorite — the one where Big and Carrie fall into the pond in Central Park, which Noth revealed they only had one chance to get right — no backup dry clothes!

He finished the SATC discussion by reminiscing:

“There were so many great moments in the series, of comedy. It was just a blast to do it.”

If it was such a blast… is he going to return for more??

Right now that’s still a little hazy — a rumor was circulating they were not bringing back his character, but then he told fans not to believe it. And then there’s John Corbett saying Aidan is going to be in “quite a few” episodes? We don’t know what to think going forward — but at least looking back is still a gas!

See the whole interview (below)!


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