Yandy Smith Lashes Out at Hater Accusing Her of Getting Arrested for Attention

While many praise the ‘Love and Hip Hop: New York’ star for joining the fight to seek justice for Breonna Taylor, a naysayer wonders if she’s joining the protest ‘for clout.’

AceShowbizYandy Smith was recently arrested while joining a protest to seek justice for Breonna Taylor, but at least one person has questioned her intention. Commenting on the reality TV star’s Instagram post in which she shared a video of her at the protest, the naysayer accused the 40-year-old of seeking attention with her participation in the protest.

“Is it for clout?” the critic commented on Yandy’s post, prompting the “Love & Hip Hop: New York” star to snap back. “You so damn ignorant,” Yandy responded. Clearly fuming, she added in all-caps, “YOU THINK I WOULD LEAVE MY CHILDREN AND MY HUSBAND TO PROTEST FOR A WOMAN, A BLACK WOMAN THAT WAS MURDERED IN HER SLEEP, FOR CLOUT?”

“So you’re admitting you think BLACK WOMEN HAVE NO VALUE?!! So Breonna’s life isn’t enough for me to want to hold the officers accountable…I must just want clout right?” Yandy continued lashing out at her critic. “You sound so SILLY. Dafuq is clout anyway?!!!! You follow me and I don’t know you. That’s clout enough sis.”

Yandy was arrested along with Porsha Williams, rapper Trae Tha Truth and other protesters when they marched in Louisville on Tuesday, August 25 demanding justice for Breonna. In arresting the demonstrators, police claimed they had been blocking a main road outside the football stadium and would be charged with obstructing the roadway and disorderly conduct.

The Tuesday demonstration marks the end of BreonnaCon, a four-day event meant to draw attention to her case. The event was organized by New York-based social justice organization Until Freedom, which was behind the July sit-in at Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s house.

Yandy and Porsha had been arrested before when joining a demonstration in Louisville back in July.

Not ashamed of her arrests, Yandy later shared her mug shots from two different incidents. “Martin Luther King Arrested 29 times refused bail several times. John Lewis arrested 45 times. Rosa Parks 2 times. All rewrote history. I’m trying to rewrite Herstory,” she wrote in the caption.

Further stressing her goal, she added, “In times of civil unrest, and disrespect to my culture and my people I will act in the steps of the heros and sheros before me. I want my children to read about how their mother stood up in the face of injustice. While you judge, criticize, poke fun just know I have your babies in mind too. All is love. God bless. @untilfreedom I love you all so much for waiting for us for hours on the outside and most keeping us real calm on the inside.”

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