What Melania and Donald’s arrival says about their marriage – and it isn’t good

As they stepped off Air Force One, Donald and Melania Trump know better than anyone – first impressions are everything.

But what was the President and his glamorous first lady really thinking as they burst out of the aircraft into the balmy British weather.

Leading body language expert Judi James gives her verdict on the pair are feeling towards each other and the UK.

It was funereal faces from Potus and Flotus who stepped off their plane looking as though they’d arrived at a dodgy package holiday destination by mistake.

By-stepping the usual big wave and grin on at the top of the steps, Trump’s facial expression looked tense and Melania kept her head down, with most of her facial features obscured by her huge shades.

Unusually the pair appeared to be muttering to one another as they went from plane to copter and after saluting the military, Trump reached his hand out to grab his wife’s hand as they went for the long walk across the tarmac.

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Melania did allow her husband to hold her hand but she appeared to use the excuse of a light breeze on her hair to pull her hand out of the quite flimsy clasp, keeping her hand raised at waist height afterwards, meaning Trump was unable to grab it again.

He looked grimly determined to signal affection though, patting Melania four times on the back as she walked forward to get into the helicopter.

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