We Fully Had Camila Coehlo Doubting Her Beauty Knowledge on This Episode of 'Expensive Taste Test'

Welcome back to another episode of that show where we make celebs totally question and doubt their eye for luxury stuff. Our latest competitor, who you probably see on your Instagram feed at least once a week, is Camila Coehlo. So, can she take the Expensive Taste Test crown?

With all the jet-setting that she does and the swag that she gets, we can all assume that Camila would be the one to know a thing or two about sleep masks. IDK anyone in this world who truly and loyally uses them during their slumber, but I think after watching this I’m officially a convert. Mainly because Camila got this right and she looks high-key well-rested.

Of course we had to give Camila a truly iconique and delicious Brazilian delicacy to test her Brazilian taste buds. After a few bites into both cheese breads and some happy dances later, the woman got another point! “Yes! I know my cheesy bread, honey,” she confidently said. And to give a lil’ refresh after that glorious carb fest, we had to give her…some glasses of water! Duhhhh. Obviously one was NYC tap water and the other was bottled, and for someone who isn’t a big water drinker (smh, Camila!), she somehow won that round.

But, ah, her winning streak came to an end though when we handed her bikinis. Hey! You’d think she’d be able to spot a high-end bikini, with how often she’s in swimwear, from a mile away! But, after feeling out the fabrics, she got stumped. It’s fine. It’s okay! It was an off day. At least we got the quote, “Never thought I’d judge a gummy bear,” outta her. And that’s why we do what we do!

But what about those beauty and fashion products that we made her test? You’re just going to have to watch and see for yourself! *Cue suspenseful music*.

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