Vanessa Feltz hints at steamy Copenhagen encounter with Andi Peters

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Vanessa Feltz left Andi Peters squirming during his This Morning presenting turn when she hinted at a steamy trip the pair had taken to Copenhagen.

Competitions presenter Andi switched up his usual role on the show by standing in as the show's main presenter alongside Rochelle Humes on Thursday, but regular contributor Vanessa managed to derail his guest stint with hilarious hints about the intimate encounter.

Just a few minutes into the show, Vanessa dropped her first shock reference to the mystery anecdote as she promoted her agony aunt phone-in titled 'Am I being unreasonable?.'

She said: "I just want to say, Andi Peters, what happened in Copenhagen will always be between the two of us, I'm never going to breathe a word about it. Stays in Copenhagen as far as I'm concerned."

An open-mouthed Rochelle called out: "Hang on!"

A shocked Andi then said: "No! Move on, not hang on. Vanessa, how could you?"

Vanessa, speaking on a video call from home, said: "No, you won't draw me on it, you will not draw me on it."

Talking about the phone-in, Rochelle asked Andi: "Would you like to phone in? I've never been so intrigued, please can we do this off air? I want to know."

A few minutes later, Vanessa reappeared to join the discussion panel for the day's top news stories – but she wasn't about to let her juicy story lie.

Discussing Covid booster jabs, she said: "I say bring on the booster jab, God I would sign up for it today if they would give me one of them and I heard you're going to get a booster jab in one arm and a flu jab in the other arm, yes please, and jab me in any other part of my anatomy, Andi Peters we won't discuss how familiar you are with those."

Her comments lead to more embarrassed laughs, but it wasn't the last mention of the trip as the stars went on to talk about the potential death of the handshake following the Covid pandemic.

Andi said: "Vanessa, what may or may not have happened in Copenhagen probably couldn't happen today."

But Vanessa replied: "Although I'd have a jolly good attempt Andi to recreate what we had, which I'm not going to go into. I don't know whether we should introduce just one detail of that experience, there was a lot of water involved. Can we say that? I don't know whether we can say that on television."

As Andi said goodbye to the discussion panel, he said: "Vanessa, if I ever see you again, let's just walk in opposite directions."

Vanessa wasn't worried though as she told him: "That's what you're saying on the telly but you wait, when he slides into my DMs later, it's not going to be that Andi."

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