Trevor Noah Opens Grammys With A Dig At Los Angeles

Trevor Noah opened the 65th Annual Grammys Sunday from the top of the Crypto arena … and a dig at Los Angeles.

“It’s the best city in the world if you ignore a few other cities,” he said, before immediately tossing the action to an opening performance by Bad Bunny.

This is Noah’s third hosting the Grammys, which returned to Los Angeles Sunday after a stint in Las Vegas last year. The venue was adjusted for this post-pandemic occasion: tables replaced rows and rows of chairs in front of the stage, making it easier for ticket holders to trip the light fantastic with Bunny’s colorful troupe.

“Every time I listened to him, I get hips I never knew I had,” Noah remarked. “That album is so fire it makes Trump want to learn Spanish.”

“My job is to be your eyes, your ears, I’ll be floating around this room,” Noah continued. “Think of me like a Chinese spy balloon, that’s what I’m doing right now, gathering all the information that you want. This is the room where it all goes down. Look at all the faces. We have the best musicians, best performers, best producers in the world. Every song on TikTok that you hear, they’re are people who made them. This is them.”

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