Tom Jones breaks silence on famous picture with Frank Sinatra ‘Wouldn’t have it otherwise’

Sir Tom Jones says late wife Linda 'was always right'

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Tom Jones, 80, rose to fame in 1960s and most of his life has been spent in the spotlight, surrounded by famous faces. Having met a lot of stars in his time, he gushed over the fact he managed to get a professional photo with the one and only Frank Sinatra, and explained the story behind the famous snap of the pair sat at a bar in Las Vegas.

Thank God that happened because I have the picture now!

Tom Jones

The musician, who has just released his latest album Surrounded By Time, revealed it all came about after a fan asked for a picture of the two together, something he admitted he is now very glad she did.

Chatting to Jessie Ware on her podcast Table Manners, the singer thought back to the 70s when it all took place.

“He [Frank] was a nice guy,” he beamed, as he told of how he was at the Caesars Palace casino to see fellow singer Sammy Davis, who was playing there that night.

“I’m walking through the casino, past this galleria bar which was a big bar in Caesars Palace, and I hear ‘Thomas,'” he continued.

“And I said, ‘Oh, that’s Frank!’ so I turn and he’s there at the end of the bar, roped off, nobody else could go in there.

“He says, ‘Thomas, come here,’ and he tapped the stool by the side of him.”

The Sex Bomb singer revealed Frank was insistent that he joined him, despite his plans to see Sammy before he was due on stage.

“He said, ‘he [Sammy] can wait’,” Tom laughed as he remembered their conversation.

“So I sat with him.

“We were sitting there and a young lady came past and said, ‘Oh my God, Frank Sinatra and Tom Jones together, oh my God, can I have a picture?’

“She came up with a little camera to take a picture with both of us and Frank Sinatra said, ‘If you want a picture, it’s got to be a good one!'” Tom chuckled, as he recalled the Singing in the Rain vocalist calling over a professional photographer.

“He said, ‘This young lady would like a picture of Tom Jones and myself so let’s have it done properly, not with that little camera you have, sweetheart.’ Thank God that happened because I have the picture now!

“A proper picture of the two of us at the bar! I wouldn’t have had it otherwise,” he reflected.

But Tom admitted he wasn’t as much of a fan of Frank’s music until he was older.

He noted he learnt to appreciate the his genre, as he grew up in the era of rock n roll.

When asked whether he preferred Frank’s music to that of other stars of that time, he said: “Not so much as I liked Elvis Presley, but I learned to appreciate it more when I got older.

“I was 15 years old when rock n roll began and it hit like a hammer. So anything that wasn’t rock and roll to me when I was a teenager was nothing.”

He referred to his latest album and revealed why he titled it Surrounded by Time.

“Because it does make a difference, when you get older you look at life in a different way, all the different parts of your life,” Tom explained.

“When I got into my 20/30s, I was then starting to realise how good Frank Sinatra did sing. You’ve got to listen to him to know how really well he sang, so I got to appreciate that.”

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