This Video Of BTS & Halsey’s Surprise "Boy With Luv" Performance In Paris Was So, So Epic

Sorry, every ARMY out there in L.A., Chicago, New Jersey, Brazil, and England. You are about to be rocked by a wave of jealousy like never experienced before, because the most unbelievable thing just went down at BTS’ Paris concert: Halsey just… showed up. Of course, your wave of jealousy will on last a solid ten seconds before it gives way to excitement and joy that the Parisian ARMYs got to experience such an epic surprise. Because, let me tell you, this video of BTS and Halsey’s surprise "Boy With Luv" performance in Paris was the most epic surprise.

Here’s what went down: The boys did their usual little smolder cat-walk thing. You know what I’m talking about: when RM is walking down the extended stage and — in a move befitting a an Avengers movie — Suga and Jin joins him. Then Jungkook and J-Hope casually slide into frame to strut their stuff down the cat walk. Then, finally, Jimin and V join in on the smolder strut.

Check out the entire, life-changing moment below!

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