The Helicopter Hiker Of Arizona Is Still Dizzy After That Wild Ride

Two things I will never do in life: go hiking or get in a helicopter. And honestly, I’ve had no desire to do either one of those things since I was a kid. But after seeing the video of Katalin Metro‘s rescue in Phoenix last week, those two items have been promoted to another list I like to call Oh Hell Nah! And the first thing I said to myself after witnessing the botched rescue was, “Yeah, somebody’s getting sued“. That hasn’t happened just yet, but you can best believe it will be the next installment of this tale. Because according to Katalin’s husband, George her head is still spinning from the trauma she endured.

Mashable has reported an update to their original story of how 74-year-old Katalin was whisked away into the most horrific Tilt-A-Whirl ride ever after suffering injuries, including a broken nose, from a fall during a hike on Phoenix’s Piestewa Peak. Because of her injuries, paramedics decided to airlift her to the hospital. They felt it was the safter option. It really wasn’t. And the main reason is because the cable that prevents spinning during an airlift was broken. During the terrifying moment when Katalin became a human Lazy Susan on speed, her husband told KPNX (clip below) she did breathing exercises to remain calm and not pass out.

As of Friday afternoon, when George was interviewed, Katalin was still “very dizzy and nauseous” from the ordeal, and that has prevented her from getting out of bed and from being able to therapy on her leg.

George said that “blood was going to her head and eyeballs,” as she spun. He added that she has yet to see the videos of her rescue and that he’ll make sure she doesn’t until she’s healed a bit more.

George, don’t ever show her that damn video unless you want her to lock herself away and never come out again. It’s already hard to watch as the person who didn’t experience it. If he shows Katalin that video, she’s going to move into the basement hoping to never see the sky again. But I commend her for one thing: keeping calm with her breathing exercises. I would have done one breathing exercise called screaming at the top of my lungs, because there’s no way I would have been calm during that shit.

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