‘The Bachelorette’ Hannah Brown SLAMS Booted Contestant Cam For Trying To Get A ‘Pity Rose&#

We’re just three episodes in to Hannah Brown‘s season of The Bachelorette, and it’s pretty safe to say that confident, no-bulls**t “Hannah Beast” has officially arrived!

We already saw the Alabama beauty lay down the law when she eliminated a “jerk” contestant who came on the show with a girlfriend back home about two weeks ago.

But on Monday night’s episode, Miz Brown was confronted with multiple scenarios where she had to address a few red flags among contestants as her season gets into full swing.

The episode begins with a group date that sets out to push these growing love connections “to the limit.” Celebrity guests Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen joined the Bachelorette for a hilariously informative lesson on the ins-and-outs of the female anatomy and wonders of motherhood.

One-by-one, the guys on this date — including problematic contestant Cam — are subjected to simulated labor pains via a nifty little machine. After that, the men stumble through some pretty basic questions about pregnancy and later put their baby daddy skills to the test with actual fake baby dolls. All while trying to play it cool and impress the lead!

We have to hand it to ABC — this segment made for some pretty good TV!

Later on at the cocktail party, obvious frontrunner Jed and Hannah enjoy a brief, early moment together before the pageant queen is pulled away by other men eager for some face time. Mike Johnson uses this opportunity to steal Hannah away, and open up to her about a sensitive moment from his past. Just as the guy is in the middle of revealing that he and his ex suffered a miscarriage that ultimately ended their relationship… Cam interrupts the conversation.

Really dude, the timing?

Things quickly escalated when the controversial contestant refused to give Hannah uninterrupted time with Mike, despite being asked to wait four different times. Cam ran into a similar conflict when 27-year-old contestant Jonathan pulled the same move on him, and interrupted his moment with Brown.

At the end of the night, Mike Johnson’s cool demeanor under pressure and willingness to be vulnerable earned him the coveted group date rose. Nice!

Hannah’s journey to find love continued with a one-on-one date with Connor. But not before visiting the hospital first!

Without much context, viewers learn that Hannah felt pretty ill before her scheduled date, passed out, and had to be pumped with fluids upon arrival to the ER. Luckily for Connor, the whole ordeal wasn’t enough to completely derail their plans. Instead of an originally planned sailing trip, the couple cuddled up in bed for the day, getting to know each other over chicken noodle soup and good conversation. After that rest and relaxation, they ended their night with a romantic private concert. Oh, and with a rose!

For the episode’s final group date, Hannah’s guys pose with animal models for a photo shoot. But little do these guys know, the date is actually just a front for Bachelor Nation favorite Demi Burnett‘s latest secret spy scheme. The blonde beauty returns to help her gal pal once again investigate her suitors’ true intentions for being on the show.

The remaining men pass the test, and the date goes relatively smoothly until villain Luke P. starts to cause trouble. Remember that season trailer where he was described as an “evil, pathological liar?” Well, the guy completely began to unravel with jealousy when forced to share his time with other guys. It’s almost as if he forgot what show he was on…

When it was all said and done, pilot Peter snagged the group date rose.

The Bachelorette decided to scrap a final cocktail party and channel her Southern roots with a tailgate party instead. She makes it very clear from the onset that she wants to have a fun, relaxed day free of drama. Cam must have missed that memo, and decided it was the right time to tell Hannah about his complicated medical and emotional history.

He confessed:

“This is not an easy conversation for me to have. The day before I got surgery, I got a call from my dad that my grandma had passed away. The most recent surgery that I had… hit me the hardest. I had a 10-month-old puppy at the time that I was super close to that I had to rehome.”

He added that he was supposed to have his leg amputated in 2014, too.

The strange story is received well at first. But after it’s brought to Miz Brown’s attention that the whole thing was brought up in a last ditch effort to get a “pity rose,” the woman lost it!

She confronts him directly, saying:

“I did appreciate you telling me what you did today… I was told that you thought you were going home today and let all the guys know. I think it’s an interesting time to bring up this story in a ditch effort to stay.”

Hannah goes on, saying she heard the word “pity rose,” and slammed the guy for trying to manipulate her.

At the following Rose Ceremony, Cam finally gets the boot! Also eliminated were Jonathan, Joey and Tyler G., who silently left the show without explanation.

And there you have it, Perezcious readers!

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