Taylor Swift Proves Katy Perry Feud Is Over For Good By Adding Singer’s New Song To Her Playlist

If you had any doubts about Taylor Swift and Katy Perry’s feud being over, here’s some more proof: Taylor hand-picked Katy’s new song to include on her new playlist for Apple Music!

Taylor Swift, 29, created her very own playlist for Apple Music, and one of her song choices is pretty telling! While Taylor included some of her close friends (HAIM, Maren Morris, etc.), on the playlist, she also picked a lot of lesser-known artists…as well as one former friend, Katy Perry. Katy released a new song, “Never Really Over,” on May 31, and Taylor showed her support for the track by adding it to her playlist that very same day. It’s been just over a year since Taylor and Katy officially buried the hatchet after their years-long feud, and while they may not be the best of friends, Taylor is making it clear that things are cool between them!

The tension between Katy and Taylor began ahead of the release of Taylor’s album 1989 in 2014. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Taylor opened up about one of the tracks on the record called “Bad Blood,” and admitted it was about getting stabbed in the back by a friend. She didn’t name names, but she did say the song’s subject was someone who tried to “sabotage” her tour. Fans soon discovered that Taylor was referring to Katy, who decided to extend her own tour at the very same time that Taylor was embarking on her Red tour. Some of the Red dancers were previously on Katy’s tour, and they left the Red tour to continue working with the “Firework” singer.

Katy seemed to confirm that Taylor’s beef was with her by tweeting, “Watch out for the Regina George in sheep’s clothing,” after the interview went viral. She then went onto discuss the situation in various interviews while promoting her own album in 2017.

However, the ladies put an end to the feud in April 2018, as Taylor prepared to kick off her Reputation stadium tour. She took to Instagram to reveal that she received a special gift from Katy before the show — a literal olive branch! Clearly, Katy wanted to ‘extend the olive branch,’ and Taylor accepted by posting a photo of the present with the caption, “Thank you, Katy.” All is well!

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