Supermarket Apologizing For Tone-Deaf 'Super Spread' Advertisement

“Hosting? Plan a super spread.” That’s the tone-deaf holiday advertisement that’s got an East Coast supermarket chain bending over backward to say sorry for its brain fart.

Giant Food ran the full-page ad in its own magazine, slapping the slogan in bold letters in front of a backdrop of grub synonymous with sharing … including a shrimp cocktail platter, fruit tart and a cheeseboard.

The advertisement is encouraging folks to host holiday parties and entertain guests with foods that are easy to get your hands on and share — but it’s doing so using a phrase synonymous with COVID-19 outbreaks … and as the virus is surging around the country. Basically, a horrible time for a “super spread.”

As you know, health and government officials across the country are discouraging folks from getting together for large gatherings with Thanksgiving and the holidays fast approaching … warning against potential super-spreader events.

The supermarket chain — which has stores in Delaware, Maryland Virginia and D.C. — should have known better … after all, they’re operating in Joe Biden and Dr. Fauci‘s backyards … and now it’s apologizing.

Giant Foods says … “While, in hindsight, the choice of words was a poor one, Giant had no intentions of insensitivity.”

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