Stars we lost in 2019

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    Comedian Chuy Bravo, known for offering Chelsea Handler support on her talk show "Chelsea Lately," died at the age of 63. (Getty)

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    French New Wave cinema star Anna Karina died at the age of 79.

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    Veteran film actor Danny Aiello, known for his roles in "Do The Right Thing" and "The Godfather Part II," died at age 86.

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    Comedian Chris Cotton died at age 32.

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    Jack Burns, a young Scottish actor and dancer, died at 14 years old.

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    Barrie Keeffe, screenwriter of classic British gangster movie “The Long Good Friday,” died at age 74. (Nigel Sutton)

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    Philip McKeon, best known for playing Tommy Hyatt on "Alice," died at age 55. (Getty)

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    Half of the female Swedish pop duo Roxette, Marie Fredriksson, died at age 61

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    Rene Auberjonois, known for his roles in "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine," "Benson" and as Father Mulcahy in the 1970s film "M.A.S.H.," died at age 79.

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    Rising rap star Juice WRLD died after suffering a medical emergency at Chicago’s Midway Airport at age 21.

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    Ron Leibman — who was known for his Tony award-winning performance in "Angels in America: Millennium Approaches" and his roles in "Norma Rae" and "Friends" — died at age 82.

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    Robert Walker Jr., best known for a classic early Star Trek episode and as the son of Hollywood stars Robert Walker and Jennifer Jones, died at age 79.

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    Former Miss Pakistan World Zanib Naveed died over the weekend in a single-car accident in Maryland. She was 32. (Zanib Naveed FB)

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    Shelley Morrison, the actress who was best known for playing Rosario Salazar on the hit NBC series "Will & Grace," died at age 83

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    Actor Godfrey Gao died after suffering an apparent heart attack on the set of a TV show in China. He was 35.

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    Academy Award nominee Michael J. Pollard, known for his roles in “Bonnie and Clyde” and “House of 1000 Corpses,” died at age 80. (Warner Bros)

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    Jane Galloway Heitz, known for playing the character of Lillian Adler on “Glee,” died at age 78.

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    Actress and model Virginia Leith, who starred in Stanley Kubrick’s first film “Fear and Desire,” which he later disavowed, died at age 94.

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    Laurel Griggs, a Broadway actress who appeared in several movies and TV shows died at age 13.

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    Bob Norris was an actor, rancher and dad who played the role of a smoking cowboy on billboards, TV and the pages of magazines for 12 years. He died at age 90.

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    Levin, who was in the process of moving from one part of the state to another, is believed to have gotten lost on his way to his new home and accidentally succumbed to the elements after he was unable to find his way back. He was 70.

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    William Wintersole, who played the role of Mitchell Sherman on daytime drama "The Young and the Restless" for more than 20 years, died at his Los Angeles home at age 88. He passed from complications of cancer, according to his daughter. (Credit: Tiffany Harmon/Facebook)

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    Rudy Boesch, a retired Navy SEAL who became a fan favorite on the first season of "Survivor," died after a battle with Alzheimer’s disease. He was 91.

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    Actor Brian Tarantina was found dead in his Manhattan apartment at age 60. Tarantina was best known for his role in "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" as Jackie, the emcee at the Gaslight comedy club where the main character, Midge, performs.

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    Ann Crumb, a Tony Award-nominated actress who originated the role of Rose Vibert in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s "Aspects of Love," died at age 69.

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    Actor and comedian John Witherspoon, who is best known for his role as Ice Cube’s father in the “Friday” films, died at age 77.

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    Robert Evans, the protean and fast-living Hollywood producer who backed such seminal 1970s films as "Chinatown," ”The Godfather" and "Harold and Maude," died at age 89. (AP Photo/ Marty Lederhandler, File)

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    Paul Barrere, guitarist and singer for the rock group Little Feat, died at age 71. (Getty)

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    “Days of Our Lives” star John Clarke died at age 88 from complications of pneumonia. He died on Oct. 16 in Laguna Beach, California.

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    Bill Macy, the actor who made an indelible imprint on 1970s sitcoms with his portrayal on Norman Lear "Maude" of the loving if always up-for-an-argument Walter Findlay, died in Los Angeles. He was 97.

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    ‘Saved by the Bell’ creator Sam Bobrick died at age 87. (Archive of American Television)

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    Scotty Bowers, who wrote the best-selling 2012 memoir "Full Service: My Adventures in Hollywood and the Secret Sex Lives of the Stars," died at age 96.

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    Robert Forster, a prolific Oscar-nominated actor, died at age 78 in Los Angeles after battling brain cancer. (AP)

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    Larry Junstrom, a founding member of the Southern rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd and bassist for .38 Special, died at age 70.

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    Karen Pendleton, one of the original Mouseketeers on “The Mickey Mouse Club,” died from a heart attack in October in Fresno, Calif. She was 73. (YouTube)

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    Former “Big Brother” Season 1 houseguest Cassandra Waldon died at age 56 after a car accident in Rome, Italy.

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    Rip Taylor, the zany comedian who was a television and nightclub mainstay for over six decades, died at age 84.

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    Ginger Baker, the volatile and propulsive British musician who was best known for his time with the power trio Cream, died at age 80. Baker wielded his blues power and jazz technique to help break open popular music and become one of the world’s most admired and feared musicians.

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    Diahann Carroll, a pioneering American actor and singer, died at the age of 84. She was an Oscar-nominated actress and singer who won critical acclaim as the first black woman to star in a non-servant role in a TV series as "Julia."

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    "Grange Hill" and "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" actress Anna Quayle died at 86. The actress, who was known for playing Ms Monroe in the hit BBC children’s TV series, died after suffering from Lewy body dementia.

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    Jessye Norman, a renowned international soprano and Grammy winner, died at age 74.

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    Linda Porter, known for her role as Myrtle in "Superstore," died at the age of 86 after battling cancer.

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    Robert Garrison, best known for his role of Tommy in the early installments of “The Karate Kid,” died after a battle with kidney and liver problems.

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    Robert Hunter, the poet famous for writing many of the Grateful Dead’s best-regarded songs, died at 78.

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    Actor Sid Haig, known for roles in films like “House of 1000 Corpses,” “Diamonds Are Forever” and “Jackie Brown,” died at age 80.

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    Suzanne Whang, best known for being the voice-over and host of the HGTV series "House Hunters," died after a long battle with breast cancer.

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    Adult film actress Jessica Jaymes died at age 40. Her real name is Jessica Michael Redding. (Getty)

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    Ric Ocasek, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame singer whose popular new wave band, The Cars, helped define the sound of rock music in the late 1970s and ’80s, was found dead in his New York City apartment. Ocasek was 75.

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    Actor Brian Turk died following a long battle with cancer. He was 49.

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    Singer-songwriter Daniel Johnston died at age 58.

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    Actor John Wesley died at age 72. Wesley was a veteran of the Vietnam War and graduated from UCSD with an MFA. After spending a good portion of his life acting, he could boast more than 100 roles in film and television including guest spots on “Frasier,” “The Jamie Foxx Show,” “Martin,” “JAG,” “Hill Street Blues,” “The Jeffersons” and “In the Heat of the Night.” In film, he had roles in movies like “Missing in Action 2: The Beginning,” “Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot” and “Born Yesterday.”

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    Former “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” actor Robert Axelrod died at age 70. Although the star was perhaps best known as the villainous voice behind one of the Power Ranger’s greatest villains, fans may also remember him from shows like “Digimon” or guest roles in “Star Trek: Voyager” and “Family Matters.”

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    Chris March, a costume designer to the stars and former “Project Runway” finalist, died from a heart attack in September. He was 56.

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    Veteran actress Carol Lynley who had a Hollywood career spanning five decades died at the age of 77. The star was perhaps best known for her role in 1972 disaster movie "The Poseidon Adventure."

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    Kylie Rae Harris died at age 30 after a three-vehicle crash in Taos, New Mexico. She was reportedly at fault for the crash, which also killed a 16-year-old girl. (Instagram)

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    Television icon Valerie Harper, best known as wise-cracking Rhoda on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” died after a long bout with cancer. She was 80 years old. (Reuters)

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    Comedian Kip Addotta, who frequently appeared on "The Tonight Show," died at age 75. His family posted on Facebook but did not provide details on his death. (Facebook)

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    Actor Peter Fonda, who co-wrote and starred in the seminal 1960s counterculture film "Easy Rider," died at age 79.

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    Miriam Rivera, the first openly transgender reality TV star, died on February 5 in Mexico at age 38.

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    Singer-songwriter David Berman, who formed the 1990s indie band Silver Jews, died by suicide at 52. (Getty)

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    Former professional wrestler Harley Race died at age 76. Although Race’s biggest accolades were in the NWA wrestling league, a statement from the WWE notes that he was so respected in the sport that his title and status were recognized even after the organization seceded from the NWA and developed its own World Heavyweight Championship. (WWE)

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    Russi Taylor, an actress who gave voice to Minnie Mouse for more than three decades, died at 75.

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    Actor Gabe Khouth, known for his role on the ABC series "Once Upon a Time," died unexpectedly at the age of 46. The entertainer played Sneezy/Tom Clark on the fairytale-inspired drama.

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    Rutger Hauer died at age 75. The Dutch actor was best known for his role as Harrison Ford’s nemesis, Roy Batty, in the 1982 movie "Blade Runner." While Hauer’s role in the Ridley Scott cult favorite is perhaps his most notable performance, he was also known for "Batman Begins" and "Sin City."

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    David Hedison, who starred in the original sci-fi classic “The Fly” and appeared in two James Bond films, died at age 92. Hedison portrayed Capt. Lee Crane in the long-running sci-fi television series “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea” and Spencer Harrison on the daytime series “Another World.” (AP)

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    "Peaky Blinders" and "Batman Begins" actor Karl Shiels has died at the age of 47. The Irish actor starred as Ryan in the 2013 series of "Peaky Blinders." He was also known for his time on the soap "Fair City" as Robbie. (Getty)

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    Actress Stephanie Niznik died at the age of 52. She’s best known for playing Nina Feeney, the neighbor of the Brown family, on the drama series "Everwood" from 2002 – 2006. She also played Perim in the 1998 movie, "Star Trek: Insurrection" and made an appearance on "Star Trek: Enterprise."

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    "This Country" star Michael Sleggs died at age 33 of heart failure. (Instagram)

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    Disney actor Cameron Boyce, died at age 20. The young performer, a native of Los Angeles, was known for his roles in the Disney franchise “Descendants” and the Disney Channel show “Jessie.”

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    Movie star Billy Drago died at the age of 73 following a stroke. The actor, who mastered the role of the suave baddie, starred in gangster film "The Untouchables" and horror "The Hills Have Eyes." He also featured in Clint Eastwood’s "Pale Rider" and played the demon Barbas on TV show "Charmed." (Getty)

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    Beth Chapman, wife of Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman, died at age 51. (Getty)

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    The body of popular Brooklyn YouTube star Etika was pulled from the East River in June. Etika, whose real name is Desmond Amofah, had been reported missing on Wednesday after he posted a since-deleted cryptic video threatening suicide.

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    Dave Bartholomew, a giant of New Orleans music and a rock n’ roll pioneer who with Fats Domino co-wrote and produced such classics as "Ain’t That a Shame," ”I’m Walkin,’" and "Let the Four Winds Blow," died at 100 years old. (Getty)

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    Jim Pike, co-founder and lead singer of The Lettermen, whose lush vocal harmonies made the Grammy-nominated trio one of the most popular vocal groups of the 1960s, died at age 82. (Getty)

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    "Seeking Sister Wife" star Bernie McGee died. He was 41. Bernie and his wife Paige were featured on the reality show that gives viewers a look at couples who are looking to add a sister wife to their family. (Discovery Communications)

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    Model, clothing designer, heiress and socialite Gloria Vanderbilt died at age 95. Her son Anderson Cooper revealed the news. (Getty)

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    Sylvia Miles, an actress and Manhattan socialite whose brief, scene-stealing appearances in the films "Midnight Cowboy" and "Farewell, My Lovely" earned her two Academy Award nominations, died at 94.

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    Mary Duggar, paternal grandmother to the giant, infamous brood of "Counting On" fame, has died. (TLC)

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    Bushwick Bill, the diminutive, one-eyed rapper who with the Geto Boys helped put the South’s stamp on rap with hits like "Mind Playing Tricks On Me" and "Six Feet Deep," died at the age of 52. (Getty)

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    Roky Erickson, the blue-eyed, dark-haired Texan who headed the Austin-based 13th Floor Elevators, a pioneering psychedelic rock band in the 1960s that scored with "You’re Gonna Miss Me," died at age 71.

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    Acclaimed singer and guitarist Leon Redbone, known for his jazz, ragtime and Tin Pan Alley-style music, died.

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    Carmine Caridi, the actor best-known for portraying Carmine Rosato in “The Godfather: Part II,” died at age 85.

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    Former WWE Superstar Ashley Massaro died at age 39.

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    Actor Isaac Kappy died in May after he "forced himself off" a bridge in Arizona. He was 42 years old. (Getty)

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    Tim Conway, the Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winning actor who embodied a gang of hilarious characters on “The Carol Burnett Show,” including the Oldest Man and Mr. Tudball, died at age 85.

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    Nipsey Hussle, the 33-year-old Grammy-nominated rapper, was killed in South Los Angeles outside of a clothing store in a shooting that left two others wounded, the city’s mayor confirmed.

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    Doris Day, the perennial girl next door whose career as a singer and actress spanned almost 50 years and made her one of the biggest Hollywood stars and most popular entertainers in the United States, died at age 97.

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    Elsa Patton, who appeared alongside daughter Marysol Patton on Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Miami,” died over Mother’s Day weekend at age 84 (Getty)

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    Pua Magasiva was best known for playing the Red Wind Ranger Shane Clarke on "Power Rangers Ninja Storm" and nurse Vinnie on the drama "Shortland Street" died at age 38.

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    Jim Fowler, the longtime host of "Wild Kingdom," died at age 89. (Bob Riha Jr/WireImage via Getty Images, File)

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    "Nashville Flipped" star Troy Shafer died at the age of 38. (Instagram)

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    Stage performer and actress Barbara Perry died from natural causes in Hollywood. She appeared in several films and TV shows including Samuel Fuller’s "Shock Corridor" (1963) and "The Naked Kiss" (1964) as well as "The Dick Van Dyke Show" and most recently, "Baskets." She was 97. (Getty)

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    Peter Mayhew, the actor best known for playing the character Chewbacca in the "Star Wars" movie series, died at age 74.

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    Brazilian model Caroline Bittencourt died after trying to save her dogs from drowning at a Sao Paulo beach. She was 37.

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    Oscar-nominated writer and director John Singleton died at age 51 after his family made the decision to take him off life support. (Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)

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    Jessie Lawrence Ferguson, star of "Boyz N the Hood," died at age 77. (Columbia Pictures)

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    Fay McKenzie, a former silent screen child star who grew up to become Gene Autry’s leading lady, died at 101. (Courtesy of the McKenzie and Waldman families)

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    Stefanie Sherk wife of MExican actor Demian Bichir, died at age 43. (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP, File)

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    Ken Kercheval, known for his role as Cliff Barnes on the hit show "Dallas," has died. He was 83. (Warner Bros.)

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    “T2 Trainspotting” actor Bradley Welsh was shot dead in Scotland’s capital, officials said. He was 48.

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    Country singer Earl Thomas Conley died at age 77.

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    Charles Van Doren, the disgraced game show contestant who inspired the 1994 movie "Quiz Show," died at age 93.

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    Prolific actor Seymour Cassel, who received an Academy Award nomination for “Faces” and appeared in Wes Anderson films including “Rushmore,” died in Los Angeles of Alzheimer’s disease. He was 84. (Getty)

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    Roberta Haynes, known for her role opposite Gary Cooper in the 1953 Mark Robson-directed film "Return to Paradise," died at age 91. (Getty)

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    Tania Mallet, who is known for her modeling career and her role in the 1964 James Bond film "Goldfinger" died at the age of 77. (Getty)

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    June Harding, a versatile actress whose film debut in "The Trouble With Angels" made her a teenage rebel icon, died at age 81 in hospice care in Deer Isle, Maine, according to her brother. (Getty)

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    Influential singer, songwriter and producer Scott Walker, whose hits with the Walker Brothers in the 1960s included, "The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore," died at age 76. (Getty)

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    Larry Cohen, the maverick B-movie director of cult horror films "It’s Alive" and "God Told Me To," died at age 77. (Getty)

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    Tom Hatten, a former actor, announcer and KTLA host died at age 92, the Los Angeles television station reported. The station said it learned of Hatten’s passing from his longtime friend and former KTLA producer, Joe Quasarano. (Getty)

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    Character actor Richard Erdman, known to contemporary audiences as perpetual student Leonard on “Community,” who also had significant roles for more than seven decades in movies and TV shows such as “The Twilight Zone” and “Stalag 17,” died at age 93. (Getty)

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    "Love Island" star Mike Thalassitis was found dead in his Essex home. He was 26. (Getty Images)

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    Jim Raman, an orthodontist who competed on the reality show “The Amazing Race” in 2014 with his wife, died at age 42.

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    Johnny Thompson, also known as “The Great Tomsoni,” died in Las Vegas on March 9. He was 84. (Getty)

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    Drummer Hal Blaine died of natural causes on Monday at his Palm Desert, Calif. home. He was 90.  ​ (Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

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    Jed Allan, who acted in numerous daytime soaps, including “Beverly Hills 90210,” “Days of Our Lives” and “Santa Barbara,” died at age 84. (NBC / Getty)

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    Jan-Michael Vincent, the ‘80s star best known for his role on TV’s hit series “Airwolf,” died at age 73. (Getty)

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    Former WWE legend King Kong Bundy died at age 61. The New Jersey native, whose real name is Christopher Pallies, was known for his enormous stature inside the ring. He was 6-foot-4 and weighed 458 pounds. People called him the “walking condominium.” (WWE)

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    Actor Luke Perry, who gained fame as a teen heartthrob on "Beverly Hills, 90210" and became a fan-favorite TV dad with his starring role on the hit series "Riverdale," died at age 52 after suffering a massive stroke. (Getty)

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    The lead singer of the dance-electronic band The Prodigy, Keith Flint, died near his London home at age 49.

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    Janice Freeman, who rose to fame on "The Voice," died at age 33. (Getty)

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    Nathaniel Taylor, the actor best known as Rollo Lawson, the street-smart best friend of the son on the 1970s sitcom "Sanford and Son," died at age 80. (AP)

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    Katherine Helmond, the Tony-winning actress who played the ditzy Tate matriarch on the groundbreaking 1970s comedy "Soap" and starred on "Who’s the Boss?" among many other roles, died February 23 of Alzheimer’s complications at her home in Los Angeles. She was 89. (Getty)

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    Actress Lisa Sheridan died in her New Orleans home at age 44. (Getty Images)

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    Actress Lisa Seagram died at age 82. (Courtesy of Chela Fiorini)

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    Andy Anderson, a former drummer for English rock band the Cure and punk singer Iggy Pop, died from terminal cancer. He was 68. (Getty)

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    Singer-songwriter Mark Hollis, frontman of 1980s British new wave band Talk Talk, died at the age of 64.

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    Beverley Owen, the actress best known for playing the original Marilyn Munster on Season 1 of the ‘60s sitcom “The Munsters,” died at age 81. (Getty)

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    Morgan Woodward, who appeared in more than 250 movies and TV shows during a 40-year acting career, died Feb. 22 at his Hollywood Hills home. He was 93. (Getty Images)

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    Comedian Brody Stevens died at 48 in what appears to have been a suicide. (Getty)

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    Peter Tork, keyboardist and bass guitarist of ‘60s pop group The Monkees died at age 77. (Getty)

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    Actor Vinny Vella died after battling liver cancer at age 72. (Getty Images)

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    "My 600-lb Life" star Sean Milliken died at 29. Milliken was hospitalized in Houston, Texas, two days prior for an infection. Milliken’s weight soared to 900 pounds before he sought help on "My 600-lb Life." (TLC)

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    WWE Hall of Famer and first-ever "Triple Crown" champion Pedro Morales died at 76. (George Napolitano/MediaPunch /IPX)

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    "Stargate SG-1" and "The Godfather Part II" star Carmen Argenziano died at age 75. (Getty)

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    Legendary actor Albert Finney, a five-time Academy Award nominee who rose to fame in Britain in the 60s and was known for being the "king" of the "kitchen sink" age, died at 82. (AP)

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    George Klein, the deep-voiced radio personality who became friends with Elvis Presley in high school and stayed close to the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll throughout his career died at age 83. (Getty Images)

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    "Creature From the Black Lagoon" star Julie Adams, an actress who, like Fay Wray and Evelyn Ankers before her won the hearts of classic Hollywood monsters and then generations of devoted fans, died in Los Angeles. She was 92. (Getty)

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    Kristoff St. John, best known for his role on the long-running soap opera "Young and the Restless," died at 52. (Getty)

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    Dick Miller, a prolific screen actor best known for his role as Murray Futterman in the 1984 classic horror film “Gremlins,” died at age 90. (Getty)

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    Louisa Moritz, who was best known for playing Rose in the film “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest," died of natural causes at her home in Los Angeles. Mortiz’s name returned to the public spotlight in 2014 when she joined a slew of other women accusing the now-disgraced Bill Cosby of sexual assault. (Getty Images)

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    James Ingram, one of the biggest stars in R&B music in the 1980s and ’90s, and a double Grammy winner and two-time Oscar nominee, died at age 66. (Getty)

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    “Top Chef” winner Fatima Ali, who had been very vocal about her dwindling health on Instagram, succumbed to Ewing’s sarcoma in January. (Bravo)

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    Comedian Kevin Barnett died at age 32. He was best known for his work on Fox’s ‘Rel’ and The Last Podcast Network. (Getty)

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    A boisterous comedian and singer as well as an actress, Kaye Ballard, co-star of the TV series "The Mothers-in-Law," died at age 93. (Getty)

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    Guitarist Reggie Young, a Memphis- and Nashville-based session player whose signature licks defined hit records from Elvis, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, and many more, died at age 82. (AP)

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    Carol Channing, the legendary Broadway actress who portrayed Dolly Levi in “Hello, Dolly!” died at age 97.

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    Nashville Songwriters’ Hall of Fame songwriter Whitey Shafer, responsible for some of country’s most beloved classics such as "All My Ex’s Live in Texas" and "Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind" died on Jan. 12 at the age of 84. (Getty Images)

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    Verna Bloom, known for her role in the 1978 comedy classic "National Lampoon’s Animal House," died at age 80.

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    William Morgan Sheppard, known for his work on “Star Trek,” died at age 86. (Getty Images)

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    Actor Herb Ellis, known for his role in ‘Dragnet’ died at age 97. (Peter Gun: Spartan Productions)

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    Daryl Dragon, the cap-wearing "Captain" of pop band The Captain and Tennille, died at age 76. (Getty)

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    Bob Einstein, who starred as Larry David’s pal Marty Funkhouser on "Curb Your Enthusiasm," died at 76. Before "Curb," Einstein made a name for himself as not just an actor, but also a writer, winning his first Emmy in 1969 for Oustanding Writing Achievement in Comedy, Variety or Music for "The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour." (Getty Images)

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    Legendary wrestling announcer “Mean” Gene Okerlund died at the age of 76. Okerlund was one of the most recognizable names in sports entertainment, with his career spanning the American Wrestling Association, World Championship Wrestling and World Wrestling Entertainment.

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    Norman Gimbel, an Oscar and Grammy-winning composer whose lyrics graced hit songs such as Roberta Flack’s “Killing Me Softly with His Song” and Jim Croce’s “I Got a Name,” died at the age of 91 on December 19 at his longtime home in Montecito, Calif. (Getty)

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    Singer Eddie Money, best known for his songs "Two Tickets to Paradise," "Take Me Home Tonight” and “Baby Hold On,” died in September at the age of 70 after a battle with stage 4 esophageal cancer. (Getty)

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    FILE – In this Friday, Oct. 13, 2006, file photo, actor Rip Torn attends the New York premiere of "Marie Antoinette." (AP Photo/Stephen Chernin, File)

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    Rip Torn, the free-spirited Texan who overcame his quirky name to become a distinguished actor in theater, television and movies and win an Emmy in his 60s for his comedy turn on TV’s “The Larry Sanders Show,” died in July. He was 88. (AP)

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