Snooki’s Instagram About Her Postpartum Recovery Has Such A Positive Message

It’s been less than a week since Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi gave birth to her third child, a boy she named Angelo. And already, the 31-year-old reality TV star is sharing what her postpartum recovery plans are. In a June 3 Instagram post, Snooki shared with her fans what her postpartum body looks like four days after giving birth and she also revealed how she plans to get fit during the summer. Snooki’s Instagram about her postpartum recovery is a very body-positive message that all new moms should see.

In her Instagram post, Snooki shared that she’s still healing from giving birth to her baby boy, but that she’s excited to get back into her gym routine.

“4 days postpartum & body is feeling good besides the fact that my cramps still feel like contractions!” Snooki wrote in the caption of her post along with a photo of her postpartum body. “Still healing but can’t wait to jump back into the gym hardcore this summer! Time to be a fit mawma again for my nuggets ??”

Aw, it sounds like Snooki is anxious to get strong and fit again so she can be the best mom possible to her three kids. As previously mentioned, Snooki gave birth on Thursday, May 30 to a boy named Angelo. Snooki and her husband Jionni LaValle are also parents to Giovanna, 4, and Lorenzo, 6.

In her June 3 Instagram post, Snooki also revealed that she was receiving criticism for wanting to her pre-baby body back so fast. But, as always, she wasn’t about to let that get her down.

“Receiving backlash because I can’t wait to get in the gym and get fit again? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but don’t attack me for wanting to become strong and fit again after my pregnancy,” Snooki wrote before delving into what postpartum recovery is really like. “My boobs are leaking and pulsating, my butthole is sore and my cramps are unbearable & I’m still wearing a diaper the size of Texas. Postpartum is a b*tch. But I’m allowed to look on the bright side of things and want to get back into shape. Don’t punish me for that.”

She’s totally right. It’s her body and she gets to do with it what she wants. If that means getting strong and fit after having a baby, then that’s her choice.

If you haven’t seen Snooki’s postpartum Instagram post, you can check it out down below:

Snooki also shared a photo of all three of her kids together. The two older kids look so happy to welcome their little brother home. Have a look:

Snooki is clearly happy with how her family is growing and with where her life has taken her so far. It seems like she’s in a good place right now, which is wonderful to see. And she’s totally right that it’s her prerogative to treat her body how she sees fit after giving birth to her son. Hopefully, she’ll achieve the level of fitness she desires this summer.

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