'RHOBH' Recap: Lisa Rinna 'Attacks' Kim Richards

On the May 28 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Rinna took out her anger against longtime enemy Kim Richards once and for all.

At a Halloween bash Kyle Richards threw for her daughter Farrah’s 30th birthday, Lisa dressed up as BFF Erika Jayne and used the disguise to call out Kim for their nasty fight years ago over a stuffed animal bunny.

“Giving Lisa that bunny was really c***y,” Lisa said in front of Kim in her best Erika impression.

But the dig wasn’t well received by Kim or her sister Kyle. As RadarOnline.com readers know, Kim showed up to the 2017 RHOBH reunion with the stuffed animal that Lisa had gifted Kim’s grandson. Kyle Richards’ sister claimed it had “bad energy” and gave it back.

“She didn’t need to be crude and rude and disrespectful,” Kim said of Lisa’s dig. “I feel very attacked again by her.”

“That was really weird,” Kyle admitted.

Lisa’s C-word rant led to a face-to-face confrontation between the two enemies, where Lisa confessed she felt “scared” by Kim’s presence at the party.

“I think it really took me off guard [to see you,]” Lisa said. “I’m scared to see you and I reacted that way. That’s not who I am.”

Kim confessed to the camera that giving back the bunny represented “lots of mean things” and “damage done” between her and Lisa.

But to each other’s surprise, the two decided to put an end to their years-long feud.

“I’m sorry for whatever has happened between us. Can we move on?” Lisa asked.

“Let’s just forgive each other,” Kim said before standing up to hug her frenemy.

Meanwhile, Kyle was still reeling from the breast cancer scare she endured earlier in the day. Kyle – whose mother died of breast cancer – broke down in tears when her first scan raised concerns by her doctors. A second scan, however, turned out just fine.

Plus, Lisa stirred up drama when she confessed to Dorit that Camille Grammer gossiped about her behind her back days before they all attended her wedding in Hawaii.

“It’s giving me terrible anxiety not knowing what Camille said behind my back,” Dorit said. “I just want to have it out with her.”

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