Queen’s Brian May Opens Up About Health Issues, Says He’s ‘Grateful To Be Alive’

Queen‘s Brian May opened up about his recent health issues, saying that he’s “grateful to be alive” after a heart attack and a stomach hemorrhage.

In May, the Queen guitarist revealed that he suffered from a heart attack. After being hospitalized, doctors discovered that three arteries in his heart “were congested and in danger of blocking the supply of blood” to his heart. He said he was treated by medics as an “emergency case” and opted to have three stents put in.

In September, he also revealed that the drugs he was on to aid his recovery had caused “a stomach explosion that nearly killed” him.

Speaking on “Good Morning Britain” this week, May spoke of his ongoing recovery, saying, “I had a wonderful, wonderful surgeon, and I’m so grateful to be alive. I had three stents in me, which are working just fine, and I feel good.”

“It was pretty bad, and the complications that came afterwards were pretty bad,” he said of his heart attack.

May continued, “The worst thing that happened was a stomach hemorrhage and I lost an awful lot of blood. I was wiped out, couldn’t get across the floor.”

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