Queen Naija Tests Positive for COVID-19

The 27-year-old YouTube star-turned-RnB sensation reveals her COVID-19 diagnosis by sharing on Instagram Story a photo of herself laying in bed while covering her face with a blanket.

AceShowbizQueen Naija has tested positive for COVID-19. The YouTube star-turned-R&B sensation revealed her diagnosis through Instagram Story on Saturday, January 21.

Sharing a photo of her laying in bed as she covered her face with a blanket, the 27-year-old wrote, “It was all good bout 2 days ago, yesterday during a zoom call I started feeling terrible outta nowhere. I had to hurry and lay down.” She added, “I been in bed ever since and come to find I got Covid smh.”

“I really thought the Covid days were over but I guess it’s still alive and well,” the Michigan-born media personality noted. She went on to remind her fans, “Y’all be safe out there. Imma start masking up again.”

Many have since left supportive comments. One fan in particular wrote, “Take care and stay hydrated.” Another penned, “She needs to get quarantined asap, plus some medical attention and she’ll be fine.”

This arrived months after Naija spoke about the fascination that some people have with hating on her. When appearing on “The Breakfast Club” in April 2022, she said, “I don’t know. In all seriousness, on Twitter, Twitter’s a whole different world for me… I get lots of love everywhere but Twitter, they cannot stand me.”

When DJ Envy asked what she did to make people dislike her on the platform, Naija replied, “Nothing! They’ll blame me for something that happened between a whole ‘nother like, situation.” She continued, “They blamed me ’cause [Nicki Minaj] couldn’t go live or something before. ‘It’s all your fault!’ “

“It’s a trend. It’s a trend. I’m the joke on Twitter,” she said, adding that people blamed her for the whole Oscars drama involving Chris Rock and Will Smith. “They said I told Chris the joke,” she shared while laughing. “I just go right along with them. I’m about to make some shirts ‘I Blame Queen Naija’. Y’all hate me so go get your shirt.”

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