Porsha Williams Unfollows Dennis McKinley: Is It Over?

Back in April, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams used social media to expose NeNe Leakes’ body-shaming messages.

Now, it looks like she’s using it to drop some major hints to fans, just over two months after giving birth to their daughter.

Is her engagement to Dennis McKinley called off?

Earlier this week, fans noticed that Porsha Williams was no longer following her fiance, Dennis McKinley, on Instagram.

On its own, that’s not always an alarm bell.

(If I had a nickel for every time that I’ve accidentally unfollowed a friend on social media, I’d have at least 15 cents)

But then fans noticed that Porsha isn’t the only one giving Dennis the cold shoulder on the ‘gram.

Porsha’s sister, Lauren, and her mother, Diane, also appear to have unfollowed Dennis.

There’s more to this drama than a trio clicking the “unfollow” button.

This week, Porsha wrote: “Who else spends most of their time staring at their baby??!” alongside a photo of baby Pilar.

The implication there is that she’s not spending much time with Dennis these days.

It was last Friday when she shared a cryptic inspirational message with her followers.

“Not gonna worry tonight. God had it LAST time,” the message read. “God has it THIS time.”

Meanwhile, Porsha hasn’t posted a photo of Dennis on Instagram since May 19.

On Tuesday evening, she shared some words of advice in her Instagram Story.

“You must first plant the seed in the earth,” her message begins.

Porsha’s Instagram Story then instructs: “Water.”

“And,” the post concludes. “Add appropriate sun light.”

Is this a reference to her optimistic attitude after Dennis? Or are we reading too much into it?

As you may recall, Porsha and Dennis went public with their romance back in June of 2018.

Then, in September, she confirmed to the world that she was pregnant.

Fans of The Real Housewives of Atlanta were overjoyed at the news that she was expecting her first child.

In October, Dennis and Porsha got engaged.

And in March of this year, Porsha gave birth to precious baby Pilar Jhena.

At the time of the proposal last autumn, Porsha gushed about how overwhelmed she had been by the experience.

“I cried the ugly cry,” Porsha confessed. “It wasn’t even a cute cry.”

“I thought I would be way more emotional when it came to going to the doctor and stuff,” she revealed.

“People are like, you’ll probably cry when you see the baby,” she described.

“But I think all of that transferred to my husband,” Porsha expressed, referring to her fiance.

“Dennis brings out a different side of me,” she said. “I’m more laid-back with him, and we are just in love.”

So … what went wrong?

We all remember when Kandi Buruss accused Dennis of not being completely honest with Porsha about his past.

At the time, he insisted that he had not lied to Porsha.

Our guess, however, is that this apparent fallout may be over something very recent.

And you know that it’s more than just a spat if Posha’s mother and sister are already onboard for icing out baby Pilar’s father.

But we wont’ know the whole story until Porsha stops dropping hints and just tells fans what happened.

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