Open Post: Hosted By An Arizona Hiker Going For A Barfy Wild Ride

A 74-year-old Arizona hiker was injured and ended up having to get a helicopter rescue. Sounds simple enough until the helicopter starts acting like possessed carnival ride gone wrong and spins the fuck out on this poor woman. A camera man captured the rescue, and the video is wild. It’s the 2019 remix of Dead or Alive’s You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) called You Spin Me Round (Like A Gurney).

I’m getting motion sickness just writing about it. The women ended up being okay, but I’m sure it will be a minute until she gets on a helicopter or a spinning carnival ride again.

According to Mashable this took place on a dusty mountain:

It’s already bad enough being injured in the middle of a hot, dusty mountain.

So spare a thought or two for this hiker, whose bad day turned even worse when the helicopter basket she was rescued in started spinning uncontrollably.

The 74-year-old woman was airlifted from Piestewa Peak in Phoenix, Arizona on Tuesday morning, when the basket at first started to sway, then gradually built up speed as it continued to rotate. The poor woman.

That poor woman is right. First, she’s 74 and hiking. When I’m 74 I plan to be doing only things I love. So I’ll either be on a Golden Girls theme cruise or starting fights at a buffet. Plus, this was her rescue helicopter, so she was already starting from a shit place, then she got the Michael Lohan of helicopters. You know, strictly there to make things worse.

In a press conference, authorities said the woman was nauseous and dizzy after the somewhat calamitous rescue, but didn’t suffer any additional ill effects after the spin. 

“Sometimes when we bring the helicopter up from the ground, it will start to spin,” Paul Apolinar, Phoenix Police’s chief pilot said. “We have a line attached to the basket that’s supposed to prevent that. Today it didn’t.”

I’m glad she wasn’t hurt but I can’t imagine what kind of nausea and peeing of one’s pants that kind of spinning would provoke. It turns out this is a malfunction has happened before.

Authorities said the spinning is a known phenomenon, and they train for it. In the last six years in which rescuers have hoisted people with the basket, the spinning has only occurred twice.

I’m not sure how they train for it other than having a barf bag, some spare underwear, and an “I’m sorry” card ready. I’m just glad I can add this to my already long list of reasons to not go hiking. See you never, barf helicopter!

Here’s the video in all its spinning glory:

Pic: Fox10Phoenix

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