Only Andy King Understands Ryan Reynolds's Dedication Level in This Hilarious New Ad

There are very few people who truly understand what it means to do anything for your job, and those people include Ryan Reynolds and Andy King. In a hilarious new ad for Ryan’s liquor brand Aviation Gin, the 42-year-old actor and father proves how deep his level of commitment is to his gin company by “blowing every single bottle personally.” He asks, “Can you ever really go too far for your company? I just don’t think it’s possible.” Fyre Festival’s Andy King can attest to that.

After rising to internet fame for his intense commitment level in the Netflix documentary about the failed music festival, Andy’s dedication was instantly turned into a meme. Now, Ryan is jokingly on the same level about “how far” he’ll go to see his company succeed.

In honor of Father’s Day, Ryan and Aviation Gin are releasing a limited-edition bottle for dads “who are always willing to go the extra mile.” According to a press release, a portion of the proceeds from the bottle will be donated to the Exuma Foundation for those harmed by Fyre Festival. Check out the funny video above.

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