Mrs Hinch cries as she unveils model of old house after moving into new farm property

Mrs Hinch has shared a video of a sweet gift a friend gave her after her and her family left their old house.

Sophie Hinchliffe, 31, and her family recently moved into a luxurious five bedroom house, moving on from her former Essex-based home where she’d filmed much of the cleaning and home content that made her famous.

However, not wanting to completely let go of the former family home, Mrs Hinch revealed on Instagram that a friend had given her a replica model of the house, so the family would always remember their former residence.

Sharing a video of the little house on Instagram with her 4.2 million followers, Mrs Hinch captioned the image: “I can’t cope. When your incredible friend buys you the most incredible gift.”

She added that her friend told her: “I don’t like seeing you cry so now you can take this house with you wherever you go”.

Clearly emotional about the thoughtful gift, Mrs Hinch finished her message: “Crying again because I’m full of such mixed emotions! Goodnight everyone! Sweet dreams!”

Mrs Hinch announced the news of the family move on New Year's Day , where she shared a snap of her, her husband Jamie, and their two sons, Ronnie, two, and eight-month-old Lennie, holding on to a set of house keys with a wooden keyring reading ‘Hinch farm’.

The star’s previous Essex-based home was where she’d filmed all her cleaning content, and went on to become a well-known property.

The influencer admitted that she didn’t think they’d ever leave their previous home, but chose to leave due to a “privacy issue”.

Responding to Q&A on Instagram explaining the family’s decision, she penned: “I won’t go into too much detail because I wouldn’t want to give any satisfaction to the cruel person/people involved. But Jamie has wanted to move for a while due to a privacy issue which came about after we had extended the house.

“But I was such a mess because I didn’t want to move. I was crying to him, saying this is my home, I didn’t want to lose it. So I promised him I could fix it,” she continued.

Mrs Hinch then addressed the “weird basketball net looking trees” in the photo shared alongside the answer to the question, which she evidently put there in a bit to block peoples’ view.

She continued: “I really did try my best behind the scenes guys but it wasn’t enough in the end. Jamie was right… I was putting plasters over things and from that day I felt like I lost my home and I was in a really low place.

“But everything happens for a reason doesn’t it. I’m so so grateful for my life and wouldn’t change a thing but a lot goes on behind closed doors, and if only some people knew how much their selfish actions affects others. But they will not win!”

Mrs Hinch concluded: “I will always love this house, but I will make Hinch farm our forever home, where the obus will be so safe, and we will feel comfortable again.”

The author and influencer was also asked if she’d sold her previous home, to which she revealed that she hasn’t “said goodbye yet”, and plans on keeping the property “within (their) family”.

She said: “We have decided to keep this home within our family, to be able to help our family this way is something I have never been able to do in my life. It's a home they’ve always dreamed of and I know it will be loved.”

Mrs Hinch added that her husband has been wanting to leave their former home since 2019.

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