“Moby canceled his book tour, says he’s going away for a while” links

Moby canceled his book tour and he announced: “I’m going to go away for awhile. But before I do I want to apologize again, and to say clearly that all of this has been my own fault.” It’s true. [Jezebel]
You don’t even know how happy I am about Elementary coming back! [Pajiba]
The cat from Pet Sematary recently died. *sob* [Dlisted]
I love Julia Roberts’ haircut but I wish the color was better. [LaineyGossip]
Sarah Jessica Parker does sort of look like a shiny witch. [Go Fug Yourself]
Billie Ellish scares Melissa McCarthy. [Towleroad]
Jennifer Aniston & Adam Sandler were on Kimmel last night. [Just Jared]
Janelle & David Eason no longer want custody of one of their kids. [Starcasm]
I like Hilary Duff’s boots, but not with this dress. [Red Carpet Fashion Awards]

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