Loose Womens Nadia Sawalha opens up on husbands sad family admission

Nadia Sawalha discusses her 'rainbow baby' after miscarriage

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Nadia Sawalha opened up about her husband Mark Adderley’s childhood where she made a heartfelt admission. It comes after the Loose Women presenter addressed spoiling their children over the festive period.

The panel discussed whether it was acceptable for parents to spoil their children at Christmas when Nadia opened up about her other half.

The 56-year-old tied the knot with Mark in 2002 and the couple shares two daughters, Maddy, 18, and Kiki, 13.

The ITV star revealed that her partner had grown up in child poverty during the programme.

The presenter said that she, herself, doesn’t spoil her two daughters, but it is different for her husband.

Nadia said: “I worry about my husband spoiling them. I think, like a lot of people, he worries. He was more of a worrier as a child of poverty.

“His mother didn’t have a lot of money when he was growing up and so he goes totally over the top and makes up anything he might have wanted to have.”

The panellist explained that while her children are showered with presents at Christmas it does not happen all year round.

She said: “But you know what, ever since they were little they’ve always opened one present at a time. They’re not spoilt, he spoils them but they are lovely people.

“I think if you’re spoiling your child the whole year round that’s something different but I think it’s nice to be spoilt and to spoil somebody.”

Nadia regularly shares insights into her home life with her husband Mark.

The couple also hosts YouTube podcast How To Stay Married (So Far), where they discuss their relationship and how they make it work.

Back in June, Nadia posted a series of photos to celebrate her 19th anniversary with Mark, writing alongside the lengthy post: “Nineteen years married today.


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“We almost didn’t make it.”

She continued: “Too often when people post about their relationships on here it can all be a bit hearts and flowers and that can be so damn intimidating and depressing for those that might be struggling with their own relationship.”

Speaking about the time Nadia met Mark, she wrote: “At the time we were both so unhappy for very different reasons.

“We were self-medicating our feelings with bottles of booze and crazy behaviours.

“It’s a miracle we didn’t both snuff it in those first few months ( we used to lie in the road blind drunk to ‘see what would happen ‘FFS’.

“The first few years of our marriage were really, really tough. If I’m honest we were f**king miserable a lot of the time.” (sic)

Nadia added that she and Mark realised they would need to work at staying together in their “beautiful disaster” marriage because they would be “miserable as sin” if they broke up.

“I don’t care what anyone says, a lasting relationship takes conscious effort… And we have actually worked our a***s off to keep this relationship alive and fizzing,” she wrote.


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