Lo Bosworth Explains Why It Took Her Long Time to Go Public With Her Brain Injury

The former member of ‘The Hills’ admits she was hesitant to reveal her traumatic brain injury to public as she’s afraid people would think she’s being overdramatic.

AceShowbiz -Reality TV star Lo Bosworth is still finding it hard to express herself after suffering a traumatic brain injury two years ago.

The former “The Hills” star passed out after she was hit by a door at a New York City restaurant, and she reveals she’s still recovering from the trauma, which left her with a bump on her head and a black eye.

She tells E! News, “It’s hard to get words out, harder to find the words that I’m looking for to express myself.”

Bosworth also tells the outlet she has hardly any recollection of the weeks following the accident, which happened at a friend’s birthday party, and struggled “to tell him the difference in monetary value between a quarter and a dime.”

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“It took me a solid 30 seconds to figure it out,” she adds.

“My team just stepped in and took charge. My family and friends, everyone cheered me on and was understanding of everything I was going through.”

But it would take some time before she could tell her fans and followers. “I just felt some hesitancy, maybe I felt, like, the severity of it was not valid enough,” she says. “It’s very challenging when you look OK on the outside, but you’re not OK on the inside. If I had not been through this experience, I probably would also think, ‘You look fine. I’ve asked you out to dinner three times. Why can’t you make it?’ People were like, ‘What’s wrong with you?’ “

Lo was diagnosed with mononucleosis – a condition which includes crippling exhaustion – which may have been triggered by her accident.

She finally opened up about her trauma and recovery on Instagram last week (ends12Mar21).

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