Lindsay Lohan Just Posted a Nude Throwback Photo on Instagram and People Are Legit Freaking Out

Lindsay Lohan’s presence on Instagram is interesting, to say the least. She spends the majority of her days posting all the iconic throwbacks she has in her archive. The one she just posted is definitely no exception. The comments section on the post, however, seems to be a hot mess.

The picture is one where she’s completely nude. It’s from a Playboy shoot where she posed as Marilyn Monroe. The picture is hawt, and there’s no caption.

😙 Photographer: @yutsai88

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The weird thing about it, though, is that half the comments seem like they’re replying to something, like this one, that simply says “What about mental health?” …What does that have to do with this picture? There’s this equally confusing one, “nope…its bad for kid…also for aldult.” Yes, adult is spelled aldult. You did see that right. And then there’s this, “This gluten free?” WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?

Other people seem a little confused because, in the past, Lindsay has been seen wearing a hijab, which sparked rumors she converted to Islam. This would be pretty nontraditional if that were the case. One person wrote, “I thought she is Muslim 😐.” Lindsay never confirmed that herself, though, so IDK.

And the rest are just, like, funny. Here’s a sampling of the best.


“Whatever, I’m getting cheese fries.”

“*screenshots before it gets flagged*”


Anyways, if you wanna hop onto the hot-mess express, head on over to this comments section!

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